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Seabiscuit: Know The Ending Better

Well, it’s been 17 years since Seabiscuit came out in the theatres. Nominated for an Oscar for the best picture(Lost out to A Beautiful Mind) and a bunch of other awards, it’s an iconic movie. The Ending left everyone in awe. Let us have a nostalgic look back at the ending.

Seabiscuit: The Characters:

The story of Seabiscuit followed three important characters- Red, Howard, and Smith. But the story was so well constructed around smith. Like we see during the story Red’s family is suffering due to the Great Depression. He gets a job as a horse trainer but down the line becomes the jockey of that horse. On the side, he does illegal boxing to earn a little extra.

Jeff Bridges, Tobey Maguire and Tom Cooper in Seabiscuit
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The other two important characters in the story are Howard and Smith. Howard who became the biggest car dealer in the town soon leaves it all as his son is killed in an automobile accident. His wife leaves him and soon he finds new love. He soon adopts a new venture when he buys a horse ranch and hires Tom Smith to manage the horses. Here is where they meet Red as Tom suggests to hire Red as a jockey for a new horse who seems to be difficult to tame. Seabiscuit!

The story really take a shape after this. Red was made to pair with Seabiscuit only because he himself was untamed. The brawl he had with the fellow jockeys at the ranch made Smith come to this conclusion.

The Ending Act:

Here’s the thing, the whole story had many parallels between Red and Seabiscuit. In Act 3 when red injures his leg before the race with the War Admiral he askes his friend George Woolfe to be the Jockey. Here he explains everything about the horse to Woolfe. He tells him to let Seabiscuit look into the eyes of the War Admiral before letting him go all the way. But as fate would have it Seabiscuit injures his legs at the Santa Anita race. 

The story now follows both mirrored characters as they recover together from their injuries. It’s a heart-touching moment between a man and his horse. The final sequence is back at the Santa Anita Handicap race where both of them are ready to race. Red made a brace to sit on his horse. As the race starts Seabiscuit is left behind. Woolfe who is riding another horse pulls back to Red and lets Seabiscuit see his horse. Seabiscuit is charged and charges ahead with full force leaving everyone behind and winning the Race.

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It was a wonderful execution in terms of how the subtle suggestions made in the movie made a major impact in the end. Seabiscuit was a very powerful yet emotional story based on the book by the same name. Years later we still like re-watching it. 

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Ayush Joshi
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