Search Party Season 4: What will happen with Dory now?

It’s been a long time since fans are waiting for the new episodes of the Search Party. But there is good news from the writer of the series, Starlee Kine. She confirmed on Twitter that Season 4 of the show was already filmed in 2019. So, let’s know more about the show.

Search Party Season 4
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Search Party is an American comedy television series, which was created by Sarah-Violet Bliss, Charles Rogers, and Michael Showalter. The series was initially released on November 21, 2016. There are a total of three seasons until now, which includes 30 episodes.

The Season 1 of Search Party was released on November 21, 2016, and the second season was released on November 19, 2017. The third season was out on June 25, 2020. For season 4 official date of release is not yet confirmed.

The series follows a group of companions who become involved in the inspection for a missing young woman and the incident that results from their involvement. The first season focuses on the disappearance of Dory’s college familiarity Chantal Witherbottom. In the second season, they focus on the death of Keith Powell. The third season center on Dory and Drew attempt to murder of Keith.

Featured Cast 

The main cast of Search Party includes:

  • Alia Shawkat as Dory Sief
  • John Reynolds as Drew Gardner
  • John Early as Elliott Goss
  • Meredith Hagner as Portia Davenport
  • Brandon Micheal Hall as Julian Marcus
  • Ron Livingston as Keith Powell
  • Clare McNulty as Chantal Witherbottom


Search Party Season 4
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The plot of Chapter 4 | Search Party

Season 4 of the show surely has plenty to focus on, especially when it comes to the thriller involving Dory. After being found innocent in the murder of Keith, Dory becomes a liberated woman. That is before she comes back to her apartment, where her stalker kidnaps her.

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Dory then seen tied up with a newly shaved head, being kept in a secret place. Drew, who also found not guilty, wants nothing to do with Dory since he can no longer trust her or her mindset. Elliott and Portia are no longer in problems, but they, too, are struggling with a lack of trust.

The former close group is wholly broken, but they might need to come together to save Dory. When Search Party returns, viewers can anticipate a new investigation of a missing person, but this time everywhere, the group will be looking for Dory.

We’ll update you as soon as there’s an official release date confirmed by the makers. Stay tuned!

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