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See why Captain Marvel and Supergirl shares the last name!!

It is not new that fans have noticed a lot of similarities between the characters of DC and Marvel. In that context, we can also notice that captain marvel and Supergirl shares the same name. So, as it seems to be very exciting, let’s see why they share the same name and explore the other similarities too.

Why Captain Marvel and Supergirl shares the same name??

There can be many reasons behind this. Let’s see them one by one:

  • The similarities in the last name of Captain Marvel and Supergirl is might be due to the same artists!! Yes, you read it right. It might have happened that the artists who created them might have changed the organization. The changing of organizations might have left an effect on the artists when they changed the organization.
  • Maybe, the popularity of Captain Marvel has made the artists of the Supergirl to inculcate the same surname in character. Perhaps they thought that some similarities between the two characters might bring the same luck and charm to the character of Supergirl.
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Are their more similarities between them??

You must be thinking that is there any more similarity between them, then let me tell you all that yes they share a lot of similarities. They are both beautiful and blonde. The real name of Captain Marvel is ‘Carol Danvers’ while the real name of the supergirl is ‘Kara Danvers.’

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If we consider their power, it is more or less the same in both of them. We can say that both of them are indeed one of the best characters in the comic world. The creation of the female characters by the artists has definitely brought a revolutionary change in the comic industry.

We have seen that despite belonging to different comics, both of them are special and powerful.


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