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Selena Gomez and Trevor Daniel team up for an emotional song ‘Past Life’

Kill Em with Kindness singer Selena Gomez had blessed her fans with new music recently. The singer released her third studio album Rare on January 10, 2020. Six months down the lane, the actress turned singer has given her fans yet another surprise with a collaboration on a brand new version of the song ‘Past Life‘ with Trevor Daniel.

The song has got its official release, and fans have a lot to say about it.



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The lyrics of the song talk about moving forward in life, taking care of your mental health, and accepting your journey while letting go of some people from your life.

Though Gomez hasn’t talked about the inspiration behind her being a part of this record, we feel the song might be a hit on her relationship with singer Justin Bieber whom she dated on and off from 2010 till breaking up in 2018.

Watch Selena Gomez discuss how she feels about the song.

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For all those who haven’t listened to Past Life yet, here’s the YouTube link for you.

Comment and tell us what you feel about Selena’s collaboration on this ‘close to home, emotional song!’

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