Selena Gomez Dating Jimmy Butler? Digging Truth Behind The Viral

Speculations kicked off after a source reportedly saw them having dinner together, according to the Miami Herald. An NBA insider wrote in a note that has been retweeted hundreds of times that Jimmy Butler and Selena Gomez are a weird couple, man. He added, dude, just trust me.

Fans of the singer soon jumped on the idea that the two personalities are a pair, looking for and offering up additional information.

Instagram gossip page Deuxmoi did post a conversation where someone claimed Selena, 28 years old, was spotted with Miami Heat‘s Jimmy, 31 years old, at the French restaurant Lucien in New York City.

Jimmy Butler and Selena Gomez Rumored To Be Together
Image Source – The Sun

“Seemed like it was a date,” one message said, before adding to it: “100% sure they were there together. Obviously, I can not speak to if it was really a date, but they were there together.”

The social media account noted later that Jimmy’s baby mama Kaitlin Nowak, with whom he shares a year old daughter named Rylee, unfollowed Selena Gomez on Instagram.

While no pictures or videos of the performer and athlete have surfaced yet, their fans are excited about the idea of this brand new rumored romance, finding it very surprising.

The pro baller is the very first guy Selena has been linked to this year.

Selena Gomez Dating Jimmy Butler? 

She broke up with her on-again, off-again love Justin Bieber for good in the year 2018, and he then married Hailey Baldwin a few months later.

The Disney Channel alum reunited last year with ex Niall Horan for a short while, but he had revealed that he was now single by the end of the year.

The actress opened up about the concept of having a normal human relationship later as a celebrity. 

She explained during an interview in the month of January with Apple Music’s Beats 1: “If I can be honest, it’s just so cliché. Everyone dates everyone, and it always seems to be within a little bubble, and it is because it is safe, right?

Jimmy Butler and Selena Gomez Rumored To Be Together
Image Source – The Sun

“You know, you are wanting someone to understand what you are going through. “You are almost wanting a counterpart of creativity as well and it is, you know, fun and interesting.”

The singer added to it and said, “But the problem with that is that you end up, whether you admit it or not, you are having your relationship for people and not even for yourself. 

“There is almost this point where it is like, ‘Oh, we are making it known that we are together or whatever, whatever it is.” She added that “It’s like, you just need to decide within our world if it’s for you or is it for show.”

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