Selena Gomez reveals that she is working in Quarantine!!

Selena Gomez is an American singer, actress, songwriter, and television producer. She is very successful in her career and has a huge fan following. So, fans are always eager to know what their favorite celebrity is doing in the quarantine.

A few days back, she opened up that how she is feeling in the quarantine and how it is affecting her. The 27 year said that like everyone else, she is feeling unsettled and going through a variety of emotions at this time.

But now the singer updated her fans about how she is trying to remain calm by working in this quarantine. She is trying to stay busy with what she loves, i.e., her work!!


Selena Gomez

What is Selena Gomez doing in the quarantine?

During this challenging time, almost all the celebrities are keeping their fans updated with what they are doing through social media and so as the singer Selena Gomez. She revealed that working within the boundaries of her home through a photo.

In that photo of Instagram, she is seen setting up a mini studio for her new song. She wrote a caption with that picture -” Makeshift a studio so I can work from home.”

The quarantine gave all the celebrities ample time to do what they love and to follow their passion in this free time apart from their work. But it seems that Selena’s work is her first love, and she is very passionate about it.

She had once also revealed in her interview about her plans to build a studio in her home itself. Now, it seems that quarantine has given her that chance.

The popstar also told her fans that “I know not everyone is that lucky and people are feeling isolated and lonely. Picking up the phone and calling people has never been more important. Also checking in with people even if you haven’t connected in a while.”

As she is stuck at home just like everyone else, it has put a hindrance on some of her work, but she said that she’s staying calm and keeping her musical passion intact.

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