Seriously Single: Netflix Movie Ending Simplified!

‘Seriously Single’ is a South African romantic comedy movie. It got released on Netflix on July 31, 2020. Read on to know the ending better. Warning: SPOILERS Ahead!

Seriously Single: Plot

The lead character Dineo resonates with the issue which the majority of the young generation is undergoing. She has an image of a prince charming and dreams to find him in every guy she meets. She ends up dating many men, one after the other to check if they meet her preferences. Her best friend Noni, suggests her to take a break from this cycle and focus on herself for some time. But Dineo is just not ready for some solitude time.

She meets Lunga on Valentine’s Day, and immediately develop feelings for him. Later on, they both happen to get into a relationship. But then, due to Lunga’s secret revelation they breakup. Yet again pushing Dineo into the same spiral of finding someone, loving them, and eventually leading to a breakup.

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Seriously Single: The Ending Explained

Ever since you hit puberty, you fantasize about having a dream date, a perfect partner, and a love story that goes on forever. All this is hyped up in our minds due to the scenarios and ambiance we surround ourselves with. To begin with, may it be numerous rom-com, sweet novels or euphonic love songs. This idea of having someone special by our side sometimes takes away the individuality we need in our life.

Similarly, Dineo was raised with the same belief of finding her partner and is often pressurized by her mom too. Due to this, as soon as she meets a boy, she ends up imagining her future with him and all the hypothetical conditions. However, she suffers most of the time. She eventually has a breakup with the boy and ends up being a pathetic stalker.

In Seriously Single, Dineo also tries Noni’s style of chilling out, partying, and using dating apps. However, nothing really worked out for her. She gets tempted to say yes to Lunga, after he gets divorced from his wife. She fears to be alone and watching Noni moving ahead in a relationship with Max, only increases her anxiety.


Dineo & Noni in Seriously Single
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Happy Realisation!

Towards the end of Seriously Single, Dineo realizes this fear of loneliness is the culprit which has put her through some absurd unwanted relationships. She should have focused more on her personal likes, dislikes, style of living rather than trying to impress and find a suitable mate.

In the end, Dineo finally gets her own apartment and goes on the game drive alone. She realizes all these joys can also be achieved without being a couple. Her redemption of stability, inner peace, and confidence is all that really matters in the end. This is a lesson that we all can take from ‘Seriously Single’ and implement in our lives.

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