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Seven Anime Shows That You’ll Love If You Love Code Geass!

Anime shows like Code Geass are rare in times like these. While today’s shows are high in production value and smarts, the old rough details feel missing. However, with the amount of quality, some gems are always coming out that come close to replicating the feels.

As Lelouche says several times in battle, strategy always prevails over tactical decisions. However, with this in mind, some viewers may find the story somewhat confusing. Also, alliances change on the turn of a knife, betrayals are plentiful and the conflicting motivations of the characters. Development of characters is so skilfully done to the fore resulting in the malice of politics, and ideals.

Code Geass Anime Media
[Lelouch Lamperouge- The Outcast Prince. Kôdo giasu – Hangyaku no rurûshu: Code Geass – Lelouch of the Rebellion.]

Here’s A List Of Seven Anime Series That Will Satisfy The Fans Of Code Geass:-

I. No Game, No Life

No Game, No Life is an Adventure-Comedy series with just a solitary season. However, the twelve episodes pack a punch like not a lot of franchises can do. NGNL follows an absolutely amazing and unique premise because conflict is resolved through games.

Our protagonists are siblings Sora and Shiro together make up the best of pro gamers in the world, The Blank. Here they manage to beat god himself in a game of chess. Following the win, they are sent to a world where all disputes are settled by playing games.

II. Aldnoah.Zero

With just two seasons and Twenty-Four episodes, it’s not what we often talk like when talking about classics. However, Aldnoah Zero is one of the best action-adventure from the last decade.

Set in 1972, an ancient alien teleportation gate was excavated on the surface of the moon. Utilizing this technology, the human race begins immigrating to Mars. However, during their time on mars, some colonizers uncovered some highly advanced technology originally left behind by some mysterious alien race.

Also, for those who think that the premise ain’t that convincing, need to know that the ending is incredible.

III. Eureka Seven

All you need to do to fall in love with this franchise is to just watch the first two episodes. Spanning over 2005 and 2006 with two seasons, the show is a cult-classic. All the Fifty Episodes are Twenty-Five minutes long and is what every anime, no every TV show aspires to be.

The series follows Renton, a fourteen-year-old, who joins the rebel GekkoState ship, co-pilots the TypeZero with the mysterious Eureka. However, Renton unknowingly gets himself to be a part of a much bigger scheme of things.

IV. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is also a classic action-adventure spanning from 2009 and 2012. Creator Hiromu Arakawa is successful in creating the Sixty-Nine Episodes which are deeply engrossing. Unlike most spinoffs, this one finally strikes balance in taking inspiration from the source show and making something new.

The plot follows two brothers on their quest for a Philosopher’s Stone. Also, after an attempt to revive their deceased mother goes in vain and leaves them in a depleted physical form.

V. Blast of Tempest

Zetsuen No Tempest or Blast of Tempest: The Civilization Blaster is a Fantasy-Adventure series from 2012. There’s a total of Twenty-Four episodes airing between October 2012 and March 2013.

The plot is about all things that make any story triumphant. Our protagonists, Mahiro Fuwa and Yoshino Takigawa, give Shakespeare references out the “wahzoo”. However, You may or may not like Shakespeare, because he’s referenced so often, it complements the show more than it’s reasonable.

VI. Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown is the only Romantic Anime from this list of brilliant series’. However, romance isn’t the only through-line and carries distinct characters and themes. Additionally, the show is all about incredible fight scenes, a little bit about helping other people, and primarily about the love between the two main characters.

The show is set in the post-apocalyptic outbreak of an unidentified virus “Lost Christmas”. Also, the 2029 Japan is under the control of a multi-nation organization called GHQ. However, our protagonist is a Seventeen-year-old Ohma Shu who has a psychic power in his right hand.

VII. Gurren Lagann

Tengen toppa gurren lagann/ Gurren Lagann is an Action-Adventure from back in 2007-08. However, the twenty-eight episode long saga is a great example of creative animation. Also, the story is pretty simple, but if you’re wanting to dig deeper you might find something. Consequently, the spiraling concept throughout the show is the most unique theme that has been done in an anime.

The plot of this franchise follows two friends, Simon and Kamina. They become the symbols of rebellion against the powerful Spiral King, who forces humanity into subterranean villages.

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