Seven Seas: Brand-new license announcement!

Seven seas is a company that presently licenses, translates, and publishes comics and light novels from Japan. Previously, it was solely focused on releasing original world manga. The official Twitter account for Seven Seas recently announced that it had licensed three mangas. Following the announcement, manga fans have gone insane with excitement.

Seven Seas Licensed His Majesty the Demon King’s, Housekeeper!

Seven Seas will publish the manga’s first volume in May 2022 and will be available for readers in all ways. Saiko Wadori and Mika Kajiyama collaborated on the script. In February 2019, the manga was first published in Akita Shoten’s Monthly Princess magazine. The manga’s fifth and sixth compiled book volume was released on June 16 and December 16. The light novel was also described by the company.

Seven-Seas-Brand-new-license-announcement! The story portrays that Sakura tries to bring order to a filthy kingdom. She is the kind of girl who enjoys it when everything is tidy and in its proper position. She spends every free moment cleaning or dusting to keep everything looking neat. Once, she was taken to a fantasy world and was instantly taken aback. The land was cursed, prohibiting cleansing magic, and the locals have let things go. Even the castle of the demon king was a shambles. Sakura then decided to bring order to the kingdom, even if it meant working directly with the terrifyingly attractive demon king!

Seven Seas Licensed Wait For Me Yesterday!

Wait For Me Yesterday light book will be released in a single large-trim edition by Seven Seas in May 2022. Mokumei Hachi and Kukka collaborated on the novel. In April 2020, the light novel was shipped to Japan. Along with the announcement, the company detailed the story.

After having frightening encounters in the city, Kanae, a seventeen-year-old, runs back to his childhood home. He meets up with his old buddy and first love, Akari, once he arrives. Kanae, on the other hand, is propelled four days into the future. Kanae has no recollection of what transpired in the four days since Akari’s older brother died. The company left the plot hanging on for the readers whether Kanae will return in time to prevent the death of Akari’s brother.

Seven Seas Licensed COLORLESS!

Seven seas will publish COLORLESS in May 2022. Kent debuted the manga on the Comic Border website of LEED Publishing in January 2019. On July 20, the manga’s fifth collected book volume was released in Japan. The company detailed this story as follows:


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A cosmic disaster devastated the Earth forever, wiping away every last drop of color from the Earth.  Humankind has evolved as well. In a world populated entirely by mutants, the recognizable human face is virtually lost. A lone wolf investigator named Avidia hunts down the world’s last secret scraps of color against the backdrop of an urban landscape, relying on both his wits and a great rifle. Soon after, he meets a unique girl–one who may hold the answer to restoring what the world has lost.

How Did Readers React To The Announcement?

Manga enthusiasts have been eagerly anticipating the release since the announcement. Those who are fans of the seven seas published novels have high hopes for these three. Along with the news, the officials revealed the book covers and a brief description, which piqued people’s interest.

More About Seven Seas!

Seven Seas Entertainment is a multi-award-winning publisher known for bringing the best Japanese manga and light novels to North American audiences and creating original comics, graphic novels, and children’s literature. 5 Seconds Before a Witch Falls in Love, 12 Beast, A Centaur’s Life, and A Certain Scientific Accelerator are just a few of the mangas it has published.

Seven Seas has also released several popular original series that are well-liked by people all over the world.


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