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Shadows House Trailer Out: All The Details About The TV Anime!

Shadows House anime teaser visual is released now and fans are very excited about it. The anime’s official website was launched recently. The official website revealed the television anime’s official teaser visual on Thursday. The anime is based on two-person creator team So-ma-to’s House manga. Here’s everything you need to know about the anime!

Shadows House Manga!

The anime will be based on the manga that goes by the same name. Somato has originally written the Japanese manga series. The duo Somato illustrated this manga series. The manga is titled ‘Shadō Hausu’ in Japanese. Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine serialized the manga series in September 2018. They feature the manga in their magazine.

Kate Shadow and Emilyko
Source: Young Jump

Shueisha has compiled the manga’s chapters into individual tankōbon volumes. The manga’s first volume was launched on January 18, 2019. There are a total of 6 tankōbon volumes of the manga as of October 2020. According to the reports, the upcoming anime will be based mostly on the manga’s sixth volume.

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So, What’s It All About?

The manga’s storyline revolves around the aristocratic, faceless Shadow family. It is based in a Western-style mansion on a cliff. A clan of “Shadows” who imitate the trappings of human aristocracy lives in this mansion.

The faceless shadow people live with their living doll servants. Additionally, The mansion is full of mysteries. The story focuses on the daily lives of the house’s inhabitants and also gradually reveals its mysteries.

Kate Shadow and Emilyko
Source: Young Jump

The above-shown teaser visual features the main characters. Kate Shadow and Emilyko are holding hands in front of a murky, antique mirror. Emilyko is a living doll who works as a servant in the mansion. Kate Shadow is the Shadow and Emilyko serves her. The manga is a supernatural mystery manga. It is really gripping and sometimes, thrilling scary as well.

The anime has not yet revealed more information about it. More details like trailer, cast, and crew and release date will be out soon. We will update you with the official information as soon as it is out.

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We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!


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