Shameless: First Look For The Final Season Out; What To Expect?

The Gallagher clan is really putting on a brave, masked face against the COVID-19 pandemic in the eleventh season of Shameless. The eleventh season of the series is going to be the final season of the series that is going to be premiered on December 6 on Showtime. 

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Several family members are sporting masks when out and about, as seen in the exclusive photos from the upcoming farewell run, including new dad Lip as he goes with his son for a stroll.

Shameless Season 11
Image Source – Den of Geek

Meanwhile, a masked Liam sits on the stoop with Frank, who is not so gung-ho about covering up his face. The executive producer of the show, John Wells, has recently revealed that Frank, by definition, sees himself as a libertarian.

He adds that Frank thinks the whole thing is a little bit of a plot, and you never know with Frank whether he means it or whether he is just trying to get a rise out of you.

What to expect from the final season of the show?

Not acknowledging the real-world pandemic in the upcoming season was not an option for Wells, even though most of the scripts were already finished. Wells explains that they decided it would really be impossible not to deal with the current issues in Shameless, which is a ribald satire about public policy.

In addition to this, he said, that they had written an awful lot of the episodes, and they went back and put them into the world that they are experiencing now. So that really changed a lot in the storytelling.

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Wells notes that as a result of this, the eleventh season of the series is dealing with how many jobs have been lost and how much tough it has gotten for people who are barely hanging on already, and trying to make it funny, in a way that is in keeping with the comedic tone of the show.

Shameless Season 11 | First Look For The Final Season Out

The first look from the final season of Shameless that is Shameless Season 11, is out, and if you did not have a look at the latest snaps from the upcoming season, then you can have a look here on this website.

Shameless Season 11 First Look
Image Source – TV Line Shameless Season 11 First Look
Image Source – TV Line

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