Shameless Season 11: When’s It Hitting The Screens?

Shameless Season 11 has been recently confirmed by Showtime, and it is going to be the final season of the series. The Showtime show was initially meant to begin filming in the spring and probably get a release date in the summers. The online streaming service providing platform, Netflix, was then expected to air the Shameless Season 11 after six months. The release date of the eleventh season of Shameless, however, has already been delayed.

Shameless Season 11
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The lockdown imposed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has severely affected the productions of web series, Television programs, and movies. Shameless is also one of those series that has suffered the impact of the lockdown. As per the star Emma Kenney‘s Official Instagram handle, the shooting for Shameless Season 11 was supposed to start from March.

Shameless Season 11 | Release Details

Debbie Gallagher, another actor in the series, wrote on March 19, that they were supposed to start production of the eleventh and the final season of the series on that day. Unfortunately, or fortunately, they have been shut down for an indefinite period until this health crisis is over.

At the time of writing, shooting is not believed to have started on the Showtime show. As such, it is very unlikely that Shameless Season 11 is going to start this year. And with the pandemic situation fluctuating so much, one can’t tell. So, we would suggest all you Shameless fans (not literally :P) to take all the predictions with a pinch of salt.

However, don’t worry about the show being canceled as the renewal is completely official. It may take some time, but, Shameless Season 11 isn’t going anywhere!

Shameless Season 11
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Two possible release dates emerge for the year 2021. It depends on when the cast will be able to start filming. If the show is able to begin filming this year, they may be ready to start airing episodes in January, which was the time when the first six seasons aired. Alternatively, the show might just skip a year, probably start filming in March 2021, and come out at the end of 2021.

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One of the complications of shooting Shameless is Kenny’s schedule, as she also plays a character in The Conners. The shows need to arrange their filming schedules so that she can appear in both; if one of the shows gets delayed, it will cause trouble for both.

We’ll keep you updated about all new official announcements and production status as soon as the team gives out details. So, stay tuned!

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