Sharedol An Experiment Underway At Toei X Sotsu

Toei’s Prototyping and Experimental Research in Oizumi Studio, along with Sotsu’s Young Producers, are working on an experimental anime project, “Sharedol.” A Pilot Film of which will be released on Youtube on October 25, 2021.

What Is A Pilot Film?

A Pilot Film is a movie of short duration. This type of movie is created to provide a guide to the audience for the upcoming series or movie. Usually, Pilot Film’s deliver an idea of what will happen in the series, its story, and its characters. However, we can call it a short summary of a movie but without significant spoilers. One such Pilot Film about the project Sharedol is going to release on Youtube on October 25, 2021. Project Sharedol is an upcoming anime project by Toei Animation and Sotsu Studios.

The Twitter account for the pilot film Sharedol also shared a visual with a tweet on Monday.

Sharedol An Experimental Anime Project
Image: Toei Animation

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About The Sharedol:

The project Sharedol depicts the Kansei era in the Edo Period of Japan. The time period between 1603 and 1867 is termed as Edo Period in Japan. Because during this time, the country was under the rule of the Edo Shogunate and 300 Regional Daimyo. Edo Shogunate refers to the military power of Japan, which were Samurais and the Army. This experimental new anime project is a mixture of Samurai and Idol. After choosing two ideas from 15 projects, Sharedol was born. The pilot film of Sharedol will decide the production of the series. However, companies make these kinds of projects firstly, to test and implement new strategies for the development and distribution of the content, and secondly to increase the profit.

In the Sharedol, Matsudaira Sadanobu of the Kansei era has banned entertainment for ordinary people. They are allowing only the upper class and royal people to have the luxury of entertainment. Some middle-class girls have a burst of thought to become Idols. In the Neo Edo world of the Kansai era, some girls in the outfit of ninja, some wearing traditional Kimonos, and some wearing idol costumes try to blend the culture of two eras:- Kansei and Modern Reiwa eras.

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