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Shawn Mendes Apologizes To Sam Smith: ‘I’m So Sorry, It Absolutely Slipped My Mind’!

Shawn Mendes apologizes to Sam Smith after using the wrong pronouns. Mendes introduces the fellow pop singer-songwriter during the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball concert as “he/his” in place of “they/them”.

IHeartRadio Jingle Ball 2020 aired on December 10 with a star-studded lineup. Sam Smith performs a heart-touching version of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” making everyone emotional.

Announcement Shawn Mendes Made:

Shawn makes the announcement that the next iHeartRadio Jingle Ball performer, and his new album Love Goes is out right now and it’s absolutely incredible. And he is one of the sweetest and kindest and funniest people Shawn has ever met. He then welcomes the incredibly talented Sam Smith.

Sam Smith’s fans were quick to notice that Wonder singer made a mistake by introducing the singer using the wrong pronouns. Sam Smith prefers the pronouns ‘they/them’ but Mendes kept calling Too Good At Goodbyes singer as ‘he/him.’

Apology Towards Sam Smith!

Shawn Mendes takes to Instagram to ask for Sam’s forgiveness. “Oh @samsmith I’m so sorry for referring to you as a ‘he’ for your jingle ball introduction,” “It absolutely slipped my mind. Wont happen again … Sending you so much love! Also you absolutely are one of the funniest people I’ve ever met!”

Sam, 28, takes the high road stride and accepts Shawn’s apology, replying: ‘We’re all learning together. Happy holidays, all my love xx.’ LGBTQ+ organizations advise that if you unintentionally misgender someone by using the wrong pronouns, the best way to tackle the situation is to apologize and correct yourself.  While Sam accepts the apology, fans still have questions as to why IHeartRadio did not correct the misgendering before airing? As such the recording of the introductions and performances for the Jingle Ball from different locations was complete beforehand.

What do the Fans have to Say?

Fans are critical that iHeartRadio is promoting transphobia. They stated if all the shows are prerecorded, how come nobody noticed it and corrected the singer to use the correct pronouns. They also take to Twitter to convey their rage. A fan writes on Twitter, “So no one was gonna tell Shawn Mendes that Sam Smith’s pronouns are they/them and they just let him refer to them as “he” like 5 times????”

Fans asked iHeartRadio to take full responsibility for the situation.

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