As a teenager, Shawn Mendes had the aspiration of becoming the biggest pop star in the world. Little does he know that global fame comes with crippling anxiety. The anxiousness left him unable to sing. So, ‘three therapists and 55 self-help books’ later, has he overcome his addiction to success?

With the release of his album “Wonder”, Mendes opens up on everything from his passions for music, mental health and more.

The Journey of Shawn Mendes!

Shawn had a simple ambition. At the age of 14, he finds himself learning guitar from YouTube videos. At 15, he starts recording six-second covers of other singers’ songs on the Social Media platform Vine. By the time Vine was closing down, he had come away with more than half a billion views.

How, at 17, his debut album hit No 1 in The US and Canada and his singles have over a billion views. It really is an astonishing story.

Shawn sure has been openly candid about his vulnerability and neuroses in the past. This while, though, he is excruciatingly self-critical.


Shawn Mendes releases his album “Wonder”.
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Shawn’s Struggles!

It all starts with an innocent question. How is Wonder different from his previous albums? “Well, that’s a loaded question,” Mendes says, “I had a moment at the end of January when my body would not allow me to sing.” “I physically couldn’t sing because of my anxiety to have a successful album.” His fear strangled him and literally was unable to sing. he adds. It took him about a month before he felt like he was taking the first step. He mentions that he really fell down.

Where is Shawn Mendes’ Head at Now?

Now, he believes that he is level-headed and finally has the balance right in life. Shawn gets the question of his last two singles not being successful and whether or not can he accept that. He says that he is at a stage where he could not care less. I mention that his last two singles have not been so successful. What makes him feels special is the fact that he gets emails and messages of how people seek inspiration from his songs.


Shawn Mendes’ talk with Rolling Stone Magazine.
Source: Rolling Stone Magazine

About a couple years ago, Mendes told Rolling Stone magazine: “It’s literally my biggest fear to wake up tomorrow and find that nobody cares.” This is at the heart Mendes’ anxiety. Addressing the question of

what happens to him if everyone forgets about him tomorrow, Mendes answers beautifully, “I’d be fine. I have health and wealth and support and safety. I would be absolutely fine.”