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She Dies Tomorrow: Message And Ending Explained!

She Dies Tomorrow is another addition to our quarantine released movies. It is released by Neon on the 31st of July. The movie is written and directed by Amy Seimetz. She is an experienced director but her movies have not been widely received. This one, It kinda suffered the same fate to some extent. It’s a story about a woman’s conviction that she will die tomorrow and it spreads like a contagion through a town.

She Dies Tomorrow: Ending Explained

The story is undoubtedly weird. Let’s talk about the opening scene first before delving into the ending’s meaning. She Dies tomorrow starts with the Character Amy and her antics in her house. The direction style used by Steinmetz is very scary in itself. Amy tells her best friend Jane that she is going to die tomorrow and that’s Quite a statement to make right. Jane was already fed up with Amy’s antics but such a suicidal statement made her alert.

Kate Lyn Sheil in “She Dies Tomorrow”
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Afterward when Jane decides to crash her brother’s party. (This was mainly because she was so distraught by the thoughts Amy Presented to her). She goes on to tell this to his brother Joseph and his wife. Now everyone is caught in the loop. This imminent realization of Death makes everyone react differently and that is what the main story of She Dies Tomorrow was trying to accomplish. It gives a sense of mortality to the viewers and a sense of fear too.




It was a good attempt at showing the different effects of that sense. In the movie we see the characters display different reactions to this sudden realization. The acting was excellent. I have complains about the editing and sudden cutting style of the movie. We can chalk it off to the style the director’s creative brain opted to display the story and you can watch She Dies Tomorrow it in a Drive-In theater now as it is released. 



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