Shikizakura Episode 3 Releasing Soon!

Shikizakura is a popular Japanese anime television series co-produced by Chukyo TV and the Sublimation animation studio. The series debuted recently and has released two episodes so far. The earlier shown episodes were all loved by anime fans. The series’ episode 3 is set to premiere soon.
When Will Be The Premiere Of Shikizakura Episode 3?
Shikizakura is a new series that has only released two episodes but has attracted a lot of attention from the audience. Now, the creators are getting ready to release Shikizakura Episode 3 with a bang. All the fans who saw the previous episodes are looking forward to seeing the next one. Episode 3 is all set to air on October 24, 2021. All the upcoming episodes are going to be a huge success.

What Happened In Episode 2 Of Shikizakura?

In the previous episode, the team investigated a scene in which Takeru and Oni exchanged profane words. Since helium isn’t carrying out the directions. The Oni refers to him as a good-for-nothing tiny brat. Girls are drawn to this because they can basal it. At the same time, Kakeru is talking terrible things. They believe helium is conversing with them while posing as beryllium chatting with an Oni. Kakeru expresses regret. He discloses that helium tin can hear his voice. They discover that it is struth, as Ibara calls them idiots. When Oka chose to woody with Ibara earlier, things got twisted up
Everyone who has seen the first two episodes of the series is eagerly anticipating the next episode. They will receive perfect answers to their questions after that. The previous episode had already created a lot of talk on social media, with everyone eagerly anticipating the next one to find out what would happen next.


A ritual to preserve humanity begins in a rare place—where the transient world meets the spirit world. Kakeru Miwa is a high school student. He ends himself as an outcast member of a power suit team. He was entrusted with fighting Oni due to a weird turn of events. These Oni take over humans and try to hold on to the transient world. Only the Yoroi power suit mixes ancient secrets with cutting-edge technology. It can keep humanity safe from the Oni. Kakeru vows to become a hero. Fighting Oni and defending Ouka Myoujin, the shrine maiden tasked with rescuing the world.

Where To Watch Anime Shikizakura Episodes?

Fans may watch all the episodes online on Anime Digital Network and Bilibili TV. It appears that the creators will release new episodes of this beautiful series every week. Everyone will tune in each week to see what’s new.

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