Simpsons Forever On Disney Plus Officially Confirmed! Details Inside

The online streaming service providing platform of Disney, Disney Plus, which was launched last year in the month of November, giving The Simpsons Forever a new home for streaming, is now the ultimate entertainment HUB of the fans of the most famous residents of Springfield.

With the 31st season of the series, which was recently added, and nearly 300 hours of the longest-running scripted primetime sitcom of the world, today, Disney Plus kicked off its new campaign.

Simpsons Forever
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The new Simpsons Forever brand campaign has been launched for celebrating the forever place of the favorite family of everyone in the hearts and homes of fans around the world. This service also debuted the horror collections of The Simpsons, including the 30 episodes of Treehouse of Horror, the iconic genre-blending franchise. 

The latest collection is the newest in the series of the Disney plus of the themed sets, including the Simpsons predicts, the Simpsons forever, the Simpsons Travels, The Simpsons Sports, and The Simpsons Rock collections.

Simpsons Forever On Disney Plus Officially Confirmed | Know Everything

Disney Plus will be curating more collections of episodes for the new viewers to discover as a part of the Simpsons Forever campaign. The streaming platform will also be highlighting its favorite episodes every month themed to the current events and the trends in the Pop and Disney culture.

After premiering the first episode of the series nearly 31 years ago, The Simpsons can now be considered as one of the most popular and loved franchises around the world, and it remains one of the most-streamed series on Disney Plus since the series made its debut on the streaming service last November.

With this campaign, the platform is celebrating the forever love of the fans of Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie and the comprehensive collection of the Simpsons entertainment of the service. This campaign will be coming to life all year long with on-service content and the updates of the products, special events, and social activations, delight, and surprise moments.

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Simpsons Forever
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The online streaming platform surprised the guests at the Disney Plus Drive-In Festival with the special screenings of the franchise during its nightly lineups.

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Also, the service launched a product update earlier this year, allowing the fans to enjoy the episodes of the series in their original aspect ratio and also offered the short Maggie Simpson in Playdate With Destiny across its social channels for free.

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