Sing Yesterday For Me Episode 12: Release date, plot and every update

Sing Yesterday For Me is a Japanese manga show. The series has gained massive popularity over time. It has come to an end with its final episode. In this post, fans will get to know about the plot, release date and more information about episode 12 of the series.

In the previous episode of Sing Yesterday For Me, Uozumi didn’t care about Haru’s feelings and spent most of his time with Shinako. However, Haru waits in the hope that she might win Uozumi heart one day.

Sing Yesterday For Me Episode 12: Release date

Talking about the release date of the 12th episode of the show, it is going to be available on screens on 21 June 2020, at 1:30 AM JST.

However, due to time differences, some parts across the globe may be able to watch it only a bit late as the episodes release according to Japanese Standard time.

New episodes of Sing Yesterday For Me always releases on Sundays, which makes it easier for fans to watch the show, as, on Sunday, they generally have leisure and free time.

Episode 12: Preview

What happened in episode 11 and the expected plot of Sing Yesterday For Me episode 12??

Someone tries to break into the apartment of Haru, and she immediately calls Uozumi. Uozumi called the police and came to help as well as he stated what has happened. The police then left and promised to investigate the whole matter.

Haru told Uozumi that he is a good person and definitely not going to leave a girl alone in this state where break-ins are very common.

Uozumi decided to sleep at Haru’s place only as she is alone, and Haru lends him a blanket. In the morning, Uozumi was confused as he forgot where he is, then Haru brings him breakfast.

Haru gets insecure because Uozumi said she should ask Shinako to teach her how to cook well. Also, Uozumi wanted to reveal to her what is happening between him and Shinako.

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This is how the whole story goes in the previous episode. Finally, Haru came to know about Uozumi and Shinako as well as Rau also got to know about them, and in the next episode, which is the Sing Yesterday For Me episode 12, we can expect to see how Rou and Haru cope up with the disappointment they got as they found out the two Uozumi and Shinako are in love. It’s going to be interesting to see how they deal with the situation.

That’s all update we have till now. We will reach to you back as soon as we get more updates. Till then, keep reading!!

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