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Siren Season 4: All The Major Updates You Need

Siren is a web television series that marks its origin from America. The series made its debut on March 29, 2018, on Freeform. The very first season of the series consisted of a total of ten episodes, and the creators of the series decided to reestablish the arrangements for a second season. Siren was renewed for a second season in May 2018, and it was premiered on January 24, 2019. The series was then renewed for a third season in May 2019, and it was premiered on April 2, 2020. In this article, you will be getting all the details that are required related to the Siren Season 4.

Siren Season 4
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Till now, the series has managed to receive acclamations and positive reviews from both the audience and the critics. The performances of the cast members, and the story and creativity in making the series was well appreciated. This was the prime reason that the fans of the series were expecting that the series will be renewed and they will get the fourth season as well.

Siren Season 4 Renewal Details | When will it be released?

The web television is not renewed for the fourth season by the creators of the series yet, so it is not certain when will the Siren Season 4 be premiered. Anyhow if the series is renewed for a fourth season, then also we would have to wait for it to be released. Freeform will be taking a bit longer in releasing and even announcing the renewal for any of its shows due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Siren Season 4
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  • Alex Roe will be playing Ben Pownall, who is a marine biologist.
  • Eline Powell will be playing Ryn Fisher, a young adult mermaid with a dark secret.
  • Fola Evans-Ankingbola will be playing Maddie Bishop, Ben’s girlfriend and a marine biologist.
  • Ian Verdun will be playing Xander McClure, a deep-sea fisherman.
  • Sibongile Milambo will be playing Donna, a deceptively mystical powerful mermaid.
  • Rena Owen will be playing Helen Hawkins, an eccentric woman who knows about merfolk.
  • Tiffany Lonsdale will be playing Tia, a mermaid from another tribe.
  • Chad Rook will be playing Chris Mueller, a fisherman who was injured by Donna and was taken to a military base.
  • Curtis Lum will be playing Calvin Lee, an Asian fisherman, and a room of Xander.
  • Ron Yuan will be playing Aldon Decker, an expert on merpeople, and a former military worker.
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