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SK8 The Infinity Second Episode Preview and Details!

SK8 The Infinity or Esu Kē Eito is a modern anime that is exciting fans all around the globe, However, if a show is in the saturated sports genre, it’s difficult to separate the good from the bad. Despite all the competition, this series keeps itself different and innovative, and most importantly… Good!

Skateboarding isn’t the most popular sport, inspiring shows, like Basketball or Soccer do. While the others keep depending on the actual games, this tale is all about characters and preparations.

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[Reki Kyan and Langa Hasegawa in SK8 the Infinity.]

When and Where will SK8 the Infinity’s Second Episode Coming Out?

Audiences saw the debut episode of the show on January 10th,2020. Ever after the promising debut, the viewers are looking towards the good things to come. Episode Two will be premiering on January 17th, 2020. Meanwhile, there’s a different person directing this episode than the last. While the first episode was directed by Hiroko Utsumi, the second will be helmed by Takahiro Hasui. The title of the second chapter is “Awesome for the First Time!”.

Funimation, AnimeLab, and Wakanim are three anime giants that will be streaming the show on the same day as the broadcast. However, the world on the east of Japan will be getting the show on the next day.

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Theme and Plot of SK8 The Infinity So Far and Things To Come:-

The follows Reki, a high school sophomore and skater. “S,” a highly secret and dangerous downhill skateboarding race is his obsession. This popular cult race takes place in a far-away mine. The skaters are especially crazy about the rivalries or heated battles that erupt in the races.

Meanwhile, our protagonist takes Langa, a transfer student returning to Japan after studying abroad. He comes back to the mine where the infamous races are held. Langa, who carries no professional skateboarding experience, is now fighting the topmost levels of the sport.

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