Skate-Leading Stars: Pushed till January 2021 Due To COVID-19

Hey, ya fellas! Wassup? Hope all are fine and doing great. There is good news for you all, SKATE-Leading Stars will back in 2021 January. This article talks about the various details of the show, its release, and the delay.

Skate to the Team Skating (Image: Youtube)

The official website of the Skate-Leading Stars officiated the news of the new sets of episodes. They said that the new sets of episodes will get released in January 2021.

Moreover, the TV channels on which these episodes will be released are Tokyo MX, BS11, and MBS in 2021. However, the anime was planned to release in July 2021. But, due to the current pandemic, it delayed.

Don’t Stick to any one thing (Image: Youtube)

Everything about Skate-Leading Stars

The animated series is animated by JC STAFF. Moreover, it is directed by Toshinori Fukushima. Apart from this, Yana Toboso is an original character designer of the Skate-Leading Stars.

The Plot of the Skate-Leading Stars

The story is based on the life of Kensei Maeshima, a single skater. He was skater of immense caliber. But as he meets his rival Reo Shinozaki. He decides to move on from skating. Moreover, years have passed and now he is in high school. He helps all off clubs by his physical strength abilities. However, never remains or stops at one single certain club.

But, one day the news of Reo switching from single skating to Leading skaters goes in the ears of Maeshima. Reo did this by addressing the press in a press conference. Few days after this he meets Hayato Sasugai, a boy who knows the past of Maeshima. Moreover, he asks Maeshima to join Skate-leading stars or competitive team up skating.

Why Skate Alone when you can with a team (Image: Youtube)

The new episodes of the Skate-Leading Stars were scheduled to release in July 2020. However, due to the outbreak of COVID 19, the release was shifted till January 2021. Also, the original OP theme song “Chase The Core” got delayed till uncertain date.

The Voice Castle

Kensei Maeshima: Yuma Uchida.
Yukimitsu Mochizuki: Natsuki Hanae.
Hayato Sasugai: Makoto Furukawa.
Leo Shinozaki: Hiroshi Kamiya.
Susumu Ishikawa: Kenji Nojima.
Noa Kuonji: Souma Saito.

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