Solo: A Star Wars Story Won’t Get A Sequel, Confirms Ron Howard

Solo: A Star Wars movie will remain a solo film. Ron Howard, the credited director of the film, revealed and confirmed the above-written update of the Star Wars Story. He confirmed this news on Wednesday and told SiriusXM’s Radio, Andy, that there is no sequel in works. You can watch the video revealing the cancellation of the sequel below to hear it yourself.

Howard said that there is no sequel in works, and nothing is planned for the future of the story. He added that being a part of a Star Wars movie is amazing, and that seems to be a kind of underground hit. This is not the thing that you would expect, but it has been an odd and strange journey for the movie.

Solo: A Star Wars Movie won’t have any sequel | Confirmed by the Director

Well, calling Solo: A Star Wars Movie, an underground hit, is an overstating reaction for a film that performed below expectations and received lukewarm reviews. The film made a collection of only $393 million worldwide, and the movie was made on a budget of nearly $300 million. The movie was initially set to be directed and developed by Chris Miller and Phil Lord, but the directors of 21 Jump Street and The Lego Movie were fired five months after the production of the movie began in June 2017.

Solo: A Star Wars Story
Image Source – Wired

The reason for firing the director duo was revealed to be clashes over the story and tone with Kathleen Kennedy, Lucasfilm boss, and Lawrence Kasdan.

Solo: A Star Wars film was the second entry in the Star Wars Storyline of Standalone, which is now aborted. It means that there were never any intentions of developing a sequel of the film regardless of the situation if it was a much bigger success.

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