Sony To Provide PS4 With 4 Years Support After The Launch Of PS5

While many of the fans of the Play Station gaming are looking forward to the PS5, Sony assures the owners of the PS4, that their console will still be getting supported. It has been recently announced by Sony that the PS4 is going to be supported even after four years of the release of the PS5. A digital streaming platform was recently used to reveal the price of the next-generation console and the release date of the console. A ton of the gameplay footages of the next-gen console was also shown in the event. All the owners of the PS4 were worried that as the new version of the console is going to be launched, the older version which they have is soon going to be obsolete.

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While the new version of the Play Station will be using the software and hardware that exceeds the limitations of the PS4, the information that has been revealed in the streaming event must be pleasing to the owners of the PS4 who are right now hesitant to upgrade. It has also been revealed by Sony that several of the next generation games such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Horizon Forbidden will also be coming to the current generation PS4. This ensured the owners of the PS4 that they will still be able to enjoy these next-generation games.

Sony to provide Support assistance to PS4 for four years.

Though it has been made clear that the PS5 owners will be getting more advantages as compared to the owners of the previous version of the console provided that the new version has advanced technology involved; meanwhile most of the library of PS4 will be made available to be played on PS5. It means that the players who have never owned a play station can also enjoy the games of this generation on the Sony Play Station 5.

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In an interview with The Washington Post, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan explained that Sony would continue to support the PlayStation 4 for three to four years after the launch of the PlayStation 5. This follows the precedent for long-lived consoles that was established by the first PlayStation, a console which had a lifespan of 12 years, and followed by the PlayStation 2 which had a 13-year lifespan. The PlayStation 3 had an 11-year lifespan, and if the PlayStation 4 is supported for another four years, it will match that timeframe.

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