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“Space Sweepers” To Release On Netflix In February 2021.

Space SweepersA new K-movie is coming on Netflix this February. It stars actor Song Joong Ki and Kim Tae Ri in the leading roles. Without a doubt, it is going to be a tremendous one. Moreover, we demand many viewers to sign up to watch the movie on its opening day. Regarding the popularity of the actors and the South Korean entertainment industry, we can surely guarantee for the new film. The new movie is titled “Space Sweepers” and is a science fiction movie.

Space Sweepers in the talks for a lengthy time now. However, its release date was perpetually a mystery. Thankfully, the streaming behemoth has dropped the new film’s announcement date. And we can’t wait to share it among you. Also, we have all the newest updates regarding Space Sweepers. So, make sure to scroll down.

 The Cast of Movie

The movie is an imminent South Korean sci-fi movie. It helmed by Jo Sung-Hee, who is known for delivering A Werewolf Boy. Also including Phantom Detective, End of Animal, and others. Song Joong Ki also performed in A Werewolf Boy, which means this is the second time Sung-Hee and the actor work together.

Space Sweepers Release Date

The movie is finally premiering. And we can guarantee you that the fans are still questioning the news. But, we hope this time the release date does not alter its schedule. Earlier, Space Sweepers was making its debut in the Summer of 2020. However, due to the explosion of COVID-19 across the globe, it shifted to October 1, 2020 (Korean Thanksgiving Day). As we all remember, it did not happen, and now we have a different release date.

The upcoming film will air on February 5, 2021, only on Netflix. And this time, it is concluding. Space Sweepers will have a sensational opening simultaneously in 190 countries through Netflix.

The filming began in July 2019, and it terminated in November 2019. It was the exact time when the pandemic commenced. And being one of the friendliest countries to China. South Korea decided not to deliver it in theatres.


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