Spider-Man: No Way Home To Release Digitally Earlier Than Planned!

Spider-Man fans! There is amazing news for you all! For fans who couldn’t watch the latest movie, Spider-Man- No way Home, here it is for you.

The fans didn’t expect the digital release of this movie to be so soon, but it is actually happening! This is big news for all the Spider-Man Fans!

Spider-Man: No Way home
Surprise fans! Source: otakukart.com

When will Spider-Man release on digital platforms?

On 5th March, Spider-Man: No way Home will reportedly be releasing digitally! This is happening because the movie is recently leaked online. This is a pleasant surprise for all the fans, it is releasing one weak earlier than the original plan.

However, Sony has said that Peter Parker’s time-traveling adventure will be available this Tuesday on digital storefronts.

The release of 4K/Blu-ray/DVD date is April 12 in the US and April 4 in the UK will remain the same and is not going through any changes.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Has Created A Brand New Box-Office Record!

This is an amazing announcement for the fans and it has made fans very excited and happy! This movie has got overwhelming responses while surpassing James Cameron’s Avatar in the box office collection.

We didn't expect.
Are you excited? Source: comingsoon.com

Spider-Man: No Way Home, made history! 

Nevertheless, In US history, the superhero flick has become the third highest-grossing movie, as announced by Sony. Maybe this was also another key factor for the digital release of this movie.

With this there is another amazing part for the fans, now the fans can preorder it! With the dates mentioned below.

Now if we go by the numbers, then the movie has grossed a whopping $760.988 million domestically. Which is more compared to the $760.5 million made by Cameron’s Avatar that has been ruling the record till now.

The movie had a huge buzz before it came out or we should say way before is it was going to be released. Also after fans speculated a possible reunion of the two spiders Man’s, former actors who played the roles in earlier franchises.

Spider Man-No Way Home.
They are perfect. Source: mobilenewspepar.in

Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield the two former spider-man of the franchise made a shocking appearance in the film. The fans getting shocked, surprised, loved it, and couldn’t get over this part of the movie and made it a blockbuster. Not limited to this but also other leads, Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Benedict Cumberbatch got applause for the performance and the critics.

And for the Doctor Strange fans, he is returning super soon! He is returning to the theatres as the Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness is coming! The movie will be on the level of no way home said by the star giving asuarity to the fans!

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