Splice Ending: The Conclusive Twist Explained

‘Splice’ is a science fiction movie directed by Vincenzo Natali. Unlike a normal sci-fi, it is a horror-thriller film with an unusual story plot. Read on to know the details. Spoilers Ahead!

Splice: Summary and Plot

The lead couple, Clive, and Elsa are skilled genetic engineers. They have great ambitions to achieve fame by developing hybrid animal DNA. They work for the company N.E.R.D which stands for Nuclear Exchange Research and Development. Their previous experiments resulted in creatures called Fred and Ginger.

After that, the couple in Splice intends to create a hybrid of an animal with human DNA. However, their superiors and seniors at the company forbid them in doing so. Still, they create a viable prepubescent female creature named ‘Dren‘. Due to obvious reasons they try and hide this creation from everyone at work.

A scene from Splice
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Splice: The Ending Explained

Clive and Elsa undergo numerous efforts in hiding Dren from everyone. In spite of that, Gavin(Clive’s brother) and William Barlow(their boss) confront them. Dren who was previously female has undergone a sex transformation on its own. Dren, now a male intends to breed with Elsa. In a nasty fight, Dren kills William and Gavin, and pins down Elsa to rape her.

Who is Dren actually?

Earlier Elsa had lied to Clive about the DNA used in the mutation of Dren. In fact, its Elsa‘s own DNA which she used for splicing this animal-human hybrid. In addition to this, its also notable that the other part of Dren’s DNA came from Ginger and Fred. Thus, Dren has all of their characteristics plus the unpredictable human touch due to Elsa’s DNA.

A Scene from Splice
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Splice: Ultimate Twisted Ending

While Dren pins Elsa, Clive attacks him to save his wife. But, Dren kills Clive and Elsa with utmost rage eventually kills him.

Later on, Elsa is shown pregnant with Dren’s child which she intends to keep. Looking at Splice’s story, we can predict that the future will be highly predictable with this baby creature. Elsa and Dren’s child will follow their bloody footsteps and create his own destiny. Dren’s body had a lot of biochemical compounds that would be used for further research by the company.

The movie Splice released in 2009, will soon be streaming on Netflix.

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