Splinter Cell: Ubisoft and Netflix Coming up with an Anime!

As various sources have reported Netflix and Ubisoft are partnering. With John Wick’s writer Derek Kolstad as the writer and executive producer, a new anime series – Splinter Cell is in process of making. Splinter Cell is a very popular game of the same name that was first released in 2002 and till now 6 other followups have been made. Till now it’s known that the series has received a 2 season deal on Netflix. 

The story of follows a U.S. Navy SEAL Sam Fisher and his work with NSA. He is chosen to be part of a mysterious Third Echelon division of the NSA. He does some stealth operations and secret missions all the usual stuff. Originally the Ubisoft game was named Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, although the late author had nothing to do with the story. The Jack Ryan writer allowed his name to be used as a franchise. The games have been pretty popular.

Shown here is a still from the Game play of Splinter Cell Blacklist edition.
Courtesy: Ubisoft games

Netflix and Ubisoft have declined to answer any plot questions. All we know it’s going to be military-based anime in the Clancy universe. Ubisoft is known to make their games into screen adaption as they did with one of their most popular games – Assassin’s Creed with A-list actors like Michael Fassbender

Splinter Cell Expectations:

As Netflix is trying really hard to expand well in the Anime business with its new anime programs like the new transformers anime. Another one like this – Splinter Cell they are bound to make it good. That would’ve been a good reason to hire Derek Kolstad, a credible writer to take over the show. Let’s hope it’s as good as the game. We will keep providing with you updates as soon as we hear something. stay tuned and stay safe till then.

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