Spree: Effects And Consequences Of Social Media

RLJE films’ Spree (2020) is a thriller mystery starring Joe Kerry (Stranger Things). It explores the very popular idea of the disadvantages of living in a social media-based world. A person is constantly evaluated in the social hierarchy judged by the no. of followers he/she has. This movie does the same with its main character.

As the movie progresses, we find it increasingly difficult to like the main character, but at the same time, appalled by the things he does. For those of you that have already watched the movie, let’s take a look at the ending.


Spree: Ending Explained

The story is told entirely from the perspective of YouTube videos and Instagram feed. Much like “Searching” released like 2 years ago. It follows the story of Kurt Knuckle, who in a desperate attempt to became an “Influencer”, starts killing people on live videos. He joins the online ride-sharing company named Spree as a driver and fits the camera inside his car. Every time a customer comes in he kills them with unique methods all the while going live.

“Joe Kerry” as Kurt Knuckle in the -Spree
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Now Kurt was for the most time under the radar of police. This was because the viewers just thought that the whole thing was an act. But at the very end, when a famous celebrity DJ uNO enters his ride, she was made unconscious by a water bottle that was not a normal one. At the same time, two police officers see him and come for interrogation. Kurt escapes when uNO wakes up and accidentally kills one of the cops.

Kurt, while escaping from Spree car gets into an accident and gets injured badly but not enough to miss Jessie’s stand-up act. Contrary to his expectations, Jessie smashes Kurt in his act. Now, due to this, he gets angry and tries to kill her being the driver of her GoGo ride (which he became after killing the original one). Jessie suspects the notion and tries to kill him instead.

Jessie’s Stand-up act
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Further in Spree -the finale act Kurt runs back home where we find that he had killed his Mom earlier this morning. Kurt kills his dad when he tries explaining this to Jessie. Jessie, abhorred by all this, smashes her car in the house and kills Kurt with it. All of this is life by the way. Jessie sees that Kurt’s follower wants her to take a selfie with Kurt’s body. And she does!

So, in the final minutes, we see Jessie become a superstar due to that act. Kurt’s reality is out in the world and he is revered among some of the dark corners of the world. And the scary fact is, the movie we just watched was made by one of his cult followers in bits and pieces. That’s spooky! But he did achieve his goal of becoming an influencer, didn’t he?


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