Sputnik: A Perfect Blend Of Horror and Story!

Sputnik is a Russian film released quite recently. It is one of those “Alien” and “Predator” types of movie. Nonetheless, it was a new watch. The had in equal parts horrific areas as well as a narrative to those of you who have watched the film must surely admire the visuals as well. Let’s dive into the plot summary and the ending of the movie.

Before that, have a look at the trailer of the movie to get you refreshed about the events!

Sputnik: Ending Explained

The movie’s main story is that when one of the two astronauts from Russia crashes back to earth in 1983, he brings back something with him. The astronaut Veshnyakov is taken to a secret facility after his crash where it was found that he had an alien parasite inside him. The head of the secret facility Semiradov assign Tatiana with the case to assess the situation. Semiradov’s main intention is to use that parasite to create a weapon. 

Now, jumping towards the end of the Sputnik after all the formalities. So Tatiana is good that we know Semiradov is bad of-course. Veshnyakov’s nature was not fully known yet (apart from his child’s angle). In the end, Semiradov tries to force Tatiana to extract that alien from Veshnyakov, but she refuses. She tries escaping with Veshnyakov, and by a method, she discovers releases the alien from Veshnyakov. Now Veshnyakov and the parasite had created a conscious bonding among themselves so he can manipulate it.

Still of the parasite from Sputnik
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When Semiradov and his men try to kill Veshnyakov and Tatiana, Veshnyakov bonds with the parasite again and with his enhanced strength kills the force. This brings an end to the evil part. But why does Veshnyakov than shoot himself? Mainly because he doesn’t want anyone to use this parasite as a weapon showing his moral side. He was unable to meet his child again. But Tatiana is the one who receives her from the orphanage and brings the story to a full circle.   

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