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Star Trek: Discovery On Netflix- Schedule And Details Revealed

At the end of the second season of the series, Michael Burnham and the crew of the USS Discovery, ended up close to a thousand years in the future. The real question that arises here is, what are they going to find there? It’s been almost eighteen months of waiting for the fans of Star Trek: Discovery, that they can finally expect some new episodes of the super hit science-fiction drama in the next month. Well, we all know that it is going to be a lot more dramatic.

Star Trek: Discovery
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Season 3 Plot

Picking up exactly from the same point where the finale of the second season left, Commander Burnham, entered a wormhole, which sent her far into some pint in future, now, she will have her work cut out for her if she wants to reunite with her members of the crew in one piece. In a recent teaser clip, we saw Burnham planting a tattered flag on an alien planet which is a hostile. It seems like no one was actually there to help her navigate in this radically different brand new surroundings.

Sonequa Martin-Green, the actress, spoke to Star Trek Magazine, and said that in that time which she spent alone, she marched to the beat of her own drum in a way. But then she have also been so duty-oriented. She added that there had been this interesting progression of not having to be so principle-based, not having to work, but to just be on this mission to find her crew. We see what it feels like for her to get a little rougher around the edges.

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Star Trek: Discovery
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Star Trek: Discovery Netflix Release Details

The United Kingdom home of the show will be continued on Netflix. It usually makes all the new episodes available a day later, which means that it is likely that the UK premiere will be held on Netflix on October 16. However, nothing is officially confirmed yet.

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As the franchise looks to be more prominent than it was ever before with four of its shows airing at once, Star Trek: Discovery, has managed to usher in a whole new era of the show on the television. The fans of the creation of Gene Roddenberry, should also look out for Star Trek: Picard, the TNG follow up, Star Trek: Lower Decks, animated comedy, and Strange New Worlds, the upcoming Captain Pike spin-off.

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