Star Trek Timeline Video Is All Fans Could Ask For | Watch The Timeline Here

As a part of the Star Trek Day of this year, the entire franchise has recently received an official timeline, including all the TV shows and movies. Yes, you read that right, the entire franchise is getting an official timeline.

When the original series was first premiered in the year 1966, there was not a franchise to speak of. It is a testament t the world that was created by Gene Roddenberry.

Star Trek Franchise Timeline
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Along with that, it was a passion of the fan base that the franchise has grown into one of the biggest franchises of all time. Each of the new project typically takes place within the same universe, but there have been notable instances were the alternate timelines were introduced that has muddied up the timeline.

Star Trek New Timeline Video Is All Fans Could Ask For | See The Timeline Here

The biggest example of this stems from the Star Trek film by J.J. Abrams in the year 2009. While that film and its two of the sequels center on the younger versions of the cast of The Original Series, they take place in what has been deemed as the Kelvin Timeline, or a branch reality that was created just after the Romulan Nero made a travel to the past and made changes in the key events.

Star Trek Franchise Timeline
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Mush of the television shows of the franchise exists outside of this bubble, however, as well as the first batch of the films in the franchise. Now, the fans of the franchise have a handy timeline featuring every piece of the Star Trek franchise to help them sort through the events.

As a part of the Star Trek Day, which is set on the anniversary of the premiere of The Original Series, the official website of the project,, has recently unveiled the official franchise timeline in a video of about three-minute that can be viewed on the website. It is incredibly detailed, and it is singling out the select episodes and the events when needed to orient the time period. 

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It also takes a bit of care to show when the Kelvin Timeline branches out, as well as how the CBS All Acces series, Star Trek: Discovery, recently made a pretty huge time jump. If you have not checked the timeline yet, then you can check it here on this website as we have attached the timeline below.

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