Stargirl: Courtney’s Father Has Come To Light! Know All About The New Character

Stargirl witnessed a shock, in the episode of this week, “Brainwave Jr.,” Pat and Courtney were forced to confess their secret when Barbara discovered the Cosmic Staff. It led Courtney to insist her father was actually Starman, which Barbara refuted. Furious, she reached out to the man she knew to be Courtney’s father, Sam Kurtis, and he responded.

Star Girl
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The episode picked up from the moment where the last week left off, with Barbara learning the truth about her daughter’s recent activities. Although Courtney attempted to lie initially, Pat put his foot down, and she let it all out. She insisted Starman was her father and that becoming Stargirl was her birthright, which left Barbara, speechless.

What happened in Stargirl in the last episode?

Finally, Barbara rounded on Pat and asked him if he is crazy? And why is he filling her kid’s head with this nonsense and telling her that her father was a superhero? Also, Blue Valley is some hideout for a supervillain gang. She said Courtney that this was all nonsense and asked her to go to her room, then she spoke with Pat alone.

Star Girl
Image Source – Den of Geek

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In the end, she sought the truth about Courtney’s accident, which landed her in the hospital. There, she asked Pat and said, “Tell me one thing, Pat. One true thing. When Courtney was hurt, and you took her to the hospital, was that really from a car accident? When Pat admitted that it was not from a car accident, she told him to leave and said that he needs to go and asked him to get out of the house.

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