Stargirl: Know All About The New Character [SPOILERS]

The last episode of Stargirl was entirely about the aftermath of Courtney’s showdown with Cindy Burman, aka Shiv. By the end of the event, we saw that Courtney was hospitalized after being saved from death by the intervention of Justin, the Janitor.

But the most shocking part was when Cindy visited Courtney at her home, pretending not to have recognized her as Stargirl. Initially, she plays around with Courtney, but then later reveals that she knows her secret identity just as she leaves.

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What does Cindy do about Courtney’s secret in Stargirl?

When, on one side, it might seem like Cindy knowing Courtney’s secret can result in a death sentence for her, it can be a little more complicated than that. Although Cindy could quickly reveal to her father and the rest of the Injustice Society that she knows who Stargirl is, but, she openly declares to Courtney that she won’t. This can be even because her father has denied her “a seat at the table,” which was him punishing her for her recklessness with Courtney.

Her refusal to expose Courtney builds an interesting dynamic between the two characters. Although they are going to fight each other, they will have rules.

What are the similarities between the characters?

Another exciting part about the episode is how they show the similarities between the two characters. This starts at the beginning of the event when their respective fathers chew both of them. But, there is one difference between both the fathers. When Dragon King is blunt and unforgiving and threatening his daughter, Courteney’s Dad’s conversation with her reveals about how much he cares for her.

Also, both Cindy and Courtney are legacies of a former superhero/supervillain, within the only difference in how they were brought up. Cindy killed her mother, which drew ultimately drew her father away. Although they have their differences, they seem to be the different sides of the same coin.

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How does the fight between Cindy and Courteney stop?

The episode ends with another confrontation between Courtney and Cindy, and Cindy almost ends up dying here. This was because of her declaration that she would end the Justice Society. This time, she gets interrupted by Henry King Jr., who discovers his powers as Brainwave’s son then and there. He sends out a massive telekinetic blast that separates the two.

While her father’s followers kidnap Cindy, Henry uncovers Courtney’s identity as he makes use of his powers. Now, the problem is Cindy can keep Courtney’s promise, but it not necessarily the case with Henry.

Cindy and Henry are two of Courtney’s biggest enemies outside the Injustice Society. And, now, her secret identity staying intact rests only on their silence. This is a very unsafe situation for her, especially when the danger from the evil organization only continues to escalate.

Stay safe and keep reading for more updates.

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