Stranger Things Season 4: Cast, Plot And Everything You Need To Know About

We all been waiting eagerly to know about Stranger Things Season 4. The series has been facing a lot of challenges and delays lately. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has been adding to the trouble even more. In this post, we have got all the information that is currently available about the fourth season for you.

The mystery of Jim Hopper Solved

After the third season of the stranger things, the audience is frequently asking about the inquiry which takes care of Jim Hopper’s disappearance in the series. The bigger question is if he is still alive or not?

Stranger Things Season 4

Release Date:

The shooting of Stranger Things Season 4 began on 7 January 2020,  and it’s expected to end by August 2020. As confirmed by many sources, this season will be released in this year itself. Probably, the release date could be scheduled for late 2020.

But, as the assortment will have a lot of changes to make and a lot of graphics to add. So, the release date could also be something around early 2021. Hence, it would be better to wait for an official announcement.

The plot of Stranger Things Season 4

One of the very intriguing questions is, how did hopper survive all of it? Towards the end of the third season, we saw hopper falling the other side of the upside-down door, it’s a surprise so as that how they will show him surviving that.

The audience is expecting a twist like him having an exit all his life or that he would have jumped off into the upside-down door. It’s shocking how the Russian got hold of him.

It is very much possible to show that heresy to this upside-down door has more to offer like being a teleporter. It may probably have the power to relocate people easily. Well, Stranger Things Season 4 is surely getting more exciting with all these theories coming up!

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Hopper is one of the American detainees in Russia, an inquiry is shown so as to why Russians detained him. The most extreme hypotheses nation that Russians have the need to get more from Eleven and give more information on what tests they have performed on her.



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