Stranger Things Season 4: When is the next season due and what will happen with Eleven?

Stranger Things is a sci-fi horror television series. The series, with its release, gained a massive fanbase due to its thrilling and horror storyline. The cast of the series performed so well such that it looked like they have adopted the characters. The series ended with a cliffhanger and a lot of mysteries that fans are waiting for them to unfold as soon as possible. In this post, we are going to talk about the Stranger Things season 4 release date and further details.

When Stranger things season 4 is going to release?

Netflix has already renewed the show for season 4. Have a look at the announcement made by the official account.

Talking about the teaser of the next season, Netflix has released a small teaser of the fourth season. Have a look.

Initially, based on the tweet uploaded by the Stranger writers, we were expecting the release of the next season in Summer 2020.

But, due to the conditions of coronavirus, the production has halted. And, according to an IMDb image, now the next season is officially shifted to late 2020.

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What’s going to happen with Eleven in the next season?

In the previous season, we saw that in the fight between Eleven and Mind Flayer, Eleven lost her power. While fighting with Eleven, Mind Flayer left a piece of him in the leg of Eleven. She used all the power to remove that piece from the leg but later realized that she had lost all her power. The previous season ended with a cliffhanger. While some fans thought that Hopper is dead and no more, there were many other speculations that Hopper is alive and is serving as a prisoner of war.

From the small teaser, we got to know that Hopper is alive. This brought back happiness to the fans as no one wanted Hopper dead.

On asking about Eleven’s power, Miley Bobby Brown (plays the role of Eleven) said, ‘I believe Eleven is powerful with or without powers, so I think that’s forever an exciting journey to explore further.’

Well, from her statement, we can assume that Eleven, with or without powers, is going to rock in Stranger things season 4 as well. She will surely try to get back her Dad Hopper from the prison.

We will keep you updated with more updates. Till then, keep up with our posts.

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