Stranger Things Releases A 12-Hour Supercut Featuring All Characters Saying “Will”; Fans Are Loving It!

Stranger Things releases a 12 hour “Will” marathon

Duffer Brothers this 80’s set sci-fi-inspired universe, and in this world, “Will” is a big name. We couldn’t see much of him in the first season of Stranger Things because he was in the “Upside Down” most of the time. But as the storyline progresses, “Will” becomes one of the plot’s essential characters to make sense.

Shot from season 1 of Stranger Things (Source: Netflix)

Fans celebrate Stranger things day on the 6th of November because it is the date when Will disappears in the upside-down. Netflix took up the opportunity to compile all the other characters uttering his name while season 1 and 2.

Check out the video here:


Poor Will!

As of Season 1, Will was the victim of the dark dimensions of “The Upside Down.” The season showed his mother’s struggles, Joyce and his other friends attempting to retract him from the slump. In the journey, they meet Eleven, and she helps him get back to everyday life. However, Season 2 brings more challenges for him as the Mind Flayer receives to his head. Season 3 was kind to him because he was not the only one influenced by the dreaded monster. We await what’s in the store for him in season 4.

Update on season 4 of The Stranger Things?

The production of season 4 of Stranger Things started a while ago but was then interrupted by the pandemic protocols. The process resumed with the new normal in September in Atlanta. The outcome will release anytime in 2021.

Maya Hawke, Joe Keery and Gaten Matarazzo in season 3 of Stranger Things (Source: Netflix)

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The premiere episode is titled “The Hellfire Club.” The name suggests a hint towards our favorite group of kids that left Hawkins previously. No more information is known.

The cast of Stranger thing includes


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