If you are searching for the free access streaming platform to watch the upcoming series of Football matches, then congrats you have landed to the best place to get all the details related to your query. So let’s start with this.

Amazon Prime Video: A Great Source To Watch All The Football Matches

There were many streaming platforms, that once used to broadcast all the great fixtures Football matches. But, this time, it seems like things have got changed and now the sports column is going to make history by getting broadcasted in Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Videos serves to be one of the greatest giant houses in the field of streaming blockbuster movies and series. So now let’s take a look over the complete schedule of fixture Football matches.

Schedule Of All The Amazon Prime Videos Premier Leagues

Wednesday 16 December

At 6 pm:  Arsenal vs Southampton 

At 6 pm: Leeds Utd vs Newcastle Utd 

At 6 pm: Leicester City vs Everton 

At 8 pm: Fulham vs Brighton 

At 8 pm: Liverpool vs Spurs 

At 8 pm: West Ham vs Crystal Palace

Thursday 17 December

At 6 pm: Aston Villa vs Burnley 

At 8 pm: Sheffield Utd vs Man Utd

Saturday 19 December

At 3 pm: Southampton vs Man City

Monday 28 December

At 3 pm: Crystal Palace vs Leicester City 

At 5.30 pm: Chelsea vs Aston Villa 

At 8 pm: Everton vs Man City

Tuesday 29 December

At 6 pm: Brighton vs Arsenal 

At 6 pm: Burnley vs Sheffield Utd 

At 6 pm: Southampton vs West Ham 

At 6pm: Wet Brom vs Leeds Utd

At 8 pm: Man Utd vs Wolves

Wednesday 30 December

At 6 pm: Spurs vs Fulham 

At 8 pm: Newcastle Utd vs Liverpool 

Well, this is the entire schedule of upcoming Premier Leagues on Amazon Prime Videos.

Let’s see how can we watch these pennies without spending a penny

To watch these fixture matches, you just need to click on the 30 days trial link of Amazon Prime Videos. You can enjoy all matches in these 30 days, then by cancelling this 30 days trial membership, you can simply get logout from Amazon Prime Videos.

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