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Studio Head: You Can’t Work With Johnny Depp Anymore, He’s a Liability!

Johnny Depp‘s very public drama leads him into being blacklisted from the industry. A studio head says he’s a liability.

It’s been over a month since Johnny Depp‘s libel defeat and it has brought a major downfall in his career.

What Happens To Johnny Depp Now?

Depp‘s reputation is in free fall since 2016 when his ex-wife Amber Heard had come forward with allegations of emotional and physical abuse. The pit is growing even larger for Depp. Studios continued to work with him until very recently, Warner Bros. booted him off Fantastic Beasts 3. Not only this but his film Minamata gets removed from festival schedules, and he also losses out on the lead role in a Harry Houdini TV project.

Johnny Depp has lost roles in major films.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Depp’s firing shows a shift in the star’s power. He was a huge box office success until very recently. With the actor being fired from the soon-to-be blockbuster movies, it seems as if Depp’s star power is officially fading.

What did the Insiders have to Say?

In a new article from The Hollywood Reporter, the details of Depp’s fall from grace have been penned down.

The report has one studio head alleging that “you simply can’t work with him now” because “he’s radioactive.” That quote represents a significant shift for the star that was once a Hollywood powerhouse.

Johnny Depp had a libel defeat, against ex-wife Amber Heard.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

The Sun’s recent judgement against him in a defamation case in the UK was one of the defining factors in the sudden change in feelings towards Depp.

But now, The Hollywood Reporter has published a shocking article. It interviews several industry insiders who agree that the actor is now unable to work with at this point.

The magazine had a conversation with the Hollywood PR crisis management experts, who says:

“Johnny Depp is a worst-case scenario for handling bad PR. I use him as the model for telling my clients what not to do. It’s not a case of shooting himself in the foot. He shot himself in the face.”

In THR’s interview, insiders had a lot to say for Depp’s career.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

There’s still doubt whether his career will end or not. But his days of being the main attraction in huge chartbusters are sailing off into the sunset.

Journeying forward, fans expect to see Johnny Depp taking roles in either smaller domestic films or various productions. Either way, the 2020s looks set to be a difficult decade for the fallen prince of Hollywood.

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