Sub Zero Chapter 76 | Know Release date, recap and every update

In this post, we are going to look at the release date, spoilers of chapter 76 of Sub Zero as well as we will get to know about the recap of the previous chapter.

Chapter 75 revolves around Captain Nero giving training to the guards from Azure kingdom. Meanwhile, Kharis is watching them from the window and is happy about the fact that guards, as well as captain, is improving.

Sub Zero Chapter 76: Release date

Sub Zero chapter 76 is going to release on 22 June 2020. The manga Sub Zero releases its chapter every Monday for the fans. That’s why chapter 76 is also going to release on Monday.

What happened in Sub Zero chapter 75?? 

Captain Nero was worried, so he sends some men to look out for the couple as it is dangerous for them to be out alone.

However, Kharis tried to calm him and consoled him by saying that nothing is going to happen to them, whereas the prince and princess were flying in the form of a red Azure dragon.

But, due to heavy rain, the princess asked Kyro to stop. Princess falls due to the rain, but Kyro saved her, and they finally landed on the grass. Clove was disappointed and angry from Kyro as they were about to die due to him.

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Then they entered the cave to protect themselves from rain. Clove finds out that the scrolls got soaked in water and due to which she yells at Kyro and tells him that going out with him is a waste of time.

Kyro got sad as he was trying his best to calm her down and be romantic with her, but Clove is not able to understand him.

However, Clove told him that going out as a married couple only one day together is not going to change anything between them. But at last, they both apologize and starts kissing each other.

Where To Read Sub Zero??

The manga is available on the LINE Webtoon magazine (here you can buy the magazine), but there is no official website to read Sub Zero. However, fans can read chapters online on many unofficial websites.


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