Sub Zero Chapter 78: Spoilers Here!

In this post, we will talk about what will happen in Sub Zero Chapter 78 and we will also go through the recap of the last episode. Kryo’s mom does not want them to go out in the city because she thinks it is very dangerous. Kryo says that he is to blame for all that, and further adds that he was just trying to show the prince around. Now let’s see what will happen next in Sub Zero Chapter 78.

Sub Zero Chapter 78: Release Date

The new chapter of this manga is going to release on Monday, 6 July 2020.
We have noticed that a new chapter in manga release every Thursday. Also check out for spoilers, as you certainly do not want to ruin all the fun by seeing them before the release of the chapter.

Recap of Sub Zero Chapter 77

Kryo’s mom is not happy with both of them. He says that they should have found a better place to do their romance, not inside the cave. Firstly, she also advised them to sleep together as they are husband and wife. Secondly, she tells them to spend quality time together, and compromise in their busy schedule.


Kryo’s mother shows them a 300-year-old artifact. She tells the Princes to transcribe the scroll 300 time, one for each year wiped from their history.

After the maid cleans and prepared everything for Clove, she asks her if she is feeling uneasy. Tow which Clove replies that it was not their first night together.

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All that Clove wanted to prove was that she handles herself and be independent and couldn’t afford to lose her composure. Clove finds Kryo sleeping in his room, but Kryo was just pretending to sleep. Cove thought that nothing would happen between her and Kryo that night and they will sleep simply.

But later, they both ended doing romance.

Chapter 78: How and Where to read them?

Clove and Kryo

Sub Zero manga cannot be read online officially. If you want to read it, then you have to buy the LINE Webtoon magazine.

You can read Sub Zero chapters unofficially online but it is not recommended. You should read the chapter from official sources so as to support the creators.

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