SUPER HXEROS Anime: Know 4 New Cast Members

SUPER HXEROS manga revealed four new cast members joining the anime team on Tuesday. It is the television anime of Ryōma Kitada’s Dokyū Hentai HxEros manga.

SUPER HXEROS Anime: Who are then new cast members?

All the new cast members will make their first appearance in episode 7. LYNN will be seen as Shiko Murasame. Also, Natsumi Takamori will play the role of Moena Wakakusa. Additionally, Ayaka Ohashi will portray Moena Wakakusa on-screen and Yūki Takada will play Yona Ichōgi.

Source: Funimation

The anime premiered on July 3 and has achieved massive success. Anime is available on Funimation and it also currently airs in Japan.


At the beginning of the manga’s story, we see that an unknown invader known as the “Kiseichū” invades Earth. In Japanese, “Kiseichū” is a wordplay for “parasite”. He begins robbing people of the source of their erotic “H energy”. This deprives people of their will to live.

Retto Enjo is a high school boy and decides to fight against this evil. He joins the hero organization HxEros. He will save the Earth from the alien threat, alongside four beautiful high school girls.

Source: Funimation

Masat Jinbo is the anime’s director at project No. 9. Additionally, Jinbo is supervising the anime’s script. Akitomo Yamamoto is the character designer.

The rock band BURNOUT SYNDROMES produced a new special HXEROS SYNDROMES for this anime. They also collaborated with Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and will together perform opening theme song, “Wake Up Hx ERO!” feat. Retto Enjō. Ai Kakuma will perform the ending theme song “lost emotion”. She will perform this song as her character Kirara Hoshino.

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Shueisha’s Jump SQ magazine premiered Kitada’s manga in April 2017. Shueisha published the manga’s 10th volume on July 3. Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the manga and they are all set to launch the first volume in February 2021.

More details will be revealed very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading!



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