Supernatural Ending Explained: How Supernatural’s Lore Can Change The Rules For Other Horror Genre Shows and Movies

What destiny passed off Sam and Dean Winchester in the sequence finale of Supernatural? It’s no understatement to propose that Supernatural has been a television staple over the past 15 years. Eric Kripke’s story of monsters and myths defied the odds to construct a passionate and loyal fan base, and earned the right to bow out on its very own terms. After jogging out of methods to raise the stakes season upon season, Supernatural season 15 was demonstrated as the show’s last, with a showdown set between the Winchesters and God after Chuck was once revealed to have masterminded every misfortune and tragedy in Sam and Dean’s lives as part of a grand storytelling exercise.

Supernatural’s penultimate episode took care of the overarching Chuck narrative, and ended with Jack mounted as the universe’s new God. The danger of the apocalypse passes and the Winchesters are freed, however with one more episode still to come, greater twists and turns inevitably awaited down the winding avenue of Supernatural season 15. “Carry On” strips Supernatural down to its core components – Sam and Dean Winchester saving people and searching for things. The simple and character-driven finale exhibits how the ride comes to an give up for both Winchesters, and delivers a sequence of tear-jerking exchanges between brothers on the way to a definitive conclusion that leaves little room for ambiguity.

As with the previous episode, Supernatural’s series finale has truely been impacted with the aid of COVID-19 restrictions, which need to be taken into account when judging the episode’s merits. Nevertheless, the on the spot online response has been mostly negative. Here’s what took place in Supernatural’s “Carry On” and everything the episode revealed about the fates of Sam and Dean Winchester.

Supernatural Dean & Sam Winchester
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Sam & Dean Winchester’s Last Supernatural Hunt

Fresh from defeating God, the Winchesters face another daunting venture as Supernatural’s finale starts – normal life. Sam makes his bed, Dean eats some pie, and the brothers have undertake Miracle the disappearing dog from last week’s episode. Sam confirms that nothing has been heard from Castiel or Jack, and the brothers resume their everyday lives, looking for out mysterious happenings on the net and journeying the u . s . to investigate. Few expected Supernatural’s remaining episode would take the shape of a general “monster of the week” story, however that is the template “Carry On” plumps for nonetheless. Using the pseudonyms “Singer” and “Kripke” (a nod to Supernatural producer Robert Singer and creator Eric Kripke), the Winchesters investigate a nest of masked vampires systematically attacking households and abducting children.

Despite masquerading (very convincingly) as a run of the mill mission, Supernatural’s closing hunt is full of symbolism that calls back to the show’s roots. As in earlier seasons, Sam and Dean use their father’s journal as a lead, and via raiding the vampire nest (a fairly well-lit deserted barn), the Winchesters retailer two young, captured brothers. A parallel is drawn between Sam and Dean, and the two unnamed children. Just as a disturbing paranormal match stripped the Winchesters of their childhood, the kids freed from the vampire nest will be described through their journey for years to come, possibly even turning into hunters themselves, or swearing revenge on bloodsuckers like the Winchester household swore to kill Yellow-Eyes. There’s a sure poetry that Dean’s ultimate act on Earth is saving two young brothers who simply misplaced their parents.

And, yes, you did examine that right. Dean’s last act on Earth. During the fight against these burly masked vampires, Dean is defeated by way of his best nemesis, and the proper big bad of Supernatural season 15… a, er…*checks notes* rusty spike? The vamp who definitely ends the mighty Dean Winchester is each masked and unnamed – a faceless goon in a series chock-full of faceless goons – and touchdown on a spike is pure misfortune. Although there is nothing in the finale to endorse so, Dean’s demise may want to be attributed to the fall of Chuck. Supernatural season 15 formerly revealed that Chuck’s “story” blanketed the Winchesters from damage and bad luck. In his first mission as a free man, Dean gets killed – maybe God surely used to be doing all the work.

Supernatural “Despair”
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While the manner of Dean’s dying is questionable, the performances of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki carry the entire episode. As the Winchesters say their goodbyes, Dean displays how proud he is of Sammy, and asks his brother to reassure him as loss of life looms. The scene can pay off Supernatural’s very first episode. Back in 2005, Dean recruited his brother from a promising felony profession to be part of the searching lifestyle, and the pair have been clearly inseparable ever since. The emotional farewell resolves any last anxiety between the two and gives Sam the closure he continually longed for as the “outsider” of the family who selected a college schooling over monster hunting. Dean implores his brother to tell him “it’s okay, you can go now” and Sam tearfully obliges. This line acknowledges how Dean Winchester was constantly the fighter of the crew – the one who would die on the battlefield rather than settling down. With God gone, the battle is over, and Dean can finally rest.


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Dean’s Life In Heaven, Castiel & Jack’s Fate

More frequently than not, loss of life is simply the establishing in Supernatural, and so it proves with Dean Winchester. After being afforded a COVID-friendly hunter’s funeral, Dean seems in heaven where he is reunited with Bobby Singer. Not Apocalypse Bobby. Not Bobby Singer, producer, director, and writer. The actual Bobby Singer. Previously, Heaven was geared up into rooms, with every resident living out their most cherished reminiscences inside, but Bobby exhibits that once Jack became the new sheriff in town, modifications have been made. Firstly, Jack busted Bobby out of celestial jail. Back in Supernatural season 10, Bobby’s soul broke the regulations of Heaven to help Sam and Dean one remaining time, and the grizzled hunter used to be finally viewed as being apprehended via some grumpy-looking angels. Presumably, as a way of honoring his adoptive parents, Jack has released Bobby. The new God has also broken down the boundaries of the afterlife. Instead of each soul being confined to a particular room, Heaven is now one giant playground for the wholesome, and Bobby (kicking returned outside Harvelle’s Roadhouse) displays that Rufus lives just down the road… as do a sure couple through the names of Mary and John Winchester.

Although Castiel doesn’t show up in Supernatural’s final episode (a selection with a bit of luck made due to COVID restrictions and nothing more), Bobby reveals a promising destiny for the Winchesters’ favorite angel. Castiel was absorbed by means of the Empty a number of episodes previously, but Bobby claims the angel lent Jack an assisting hand reforming Heaven. This implies Castiel was launched from the black goop and is now allowed to walk Heaven as a free angel. The audience can only assume that Castiel subsequently reunited with the Winchester brothers, possibly pursued his emotions for Dean, and all of us lived happily ever after.


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Following his chat with Bobby, Dean’s first order of enterprise is to drink some beer, force his car, and pay attention to Kansas. How long Dean’s ride lasts isn’t always clear, but he is quickly joined by means of an acquainted face…

Sam Winchester’s Life After Dean

Sam Winchester was once constantly the brother who estimated an existence backyard of searching – the one who went to college had a long-term girlfriend and ate his vegetables. It’s perhaps fitting, then, that Sam receives the happier ending out of the two Winchester brothers. When a Winchester has died before in Supernatural (and there’s no scarcity of examples), the surviving brother has almost usually determined a way to convey the other back, such is their devotion to each other. When Dean passes away in “Carry On,” he asks Sam no longer to head down that dark road, referencing all the hassle their resurrections have induced in the past. Unlike preceding seasons, Sam concurs and maintains his promise. This may reflect how an awful lot the Winchester brothers have grown at some point in their adventures. On the other hand, possibly the presence of Jack and the obvious lack of the most important villains in Earth’s future means Sam never found a justifiable purpose to revive Dean.
Mourning the loss of his brother, Sam Winchester finds himself alone in the bunker (Miracle is nevertheless there, at least), however after receiving a request for help from Donna Hanscom of the Wayward Sisters, Sam resolves to resume looking like a lone wolf. But looking was once usually Dean’s dream, and Sam held wider aspirations. Fortunately, the younger Winchester manages to correctly stability a rosy household lifestyle with his monster-killing duties. While Dean drives the Impala through the Canadian glades of Heaven, Sam has a son, whom he names after his fallen brother, naturally. Sam additionally forces the infant to put on a pair of hideous name-labeled dungarees. As Dean Jr. gets a little older, Sam’s household existence is revealed. Although the audience does not really see Mrs. Winchester (once again, this is presumably down to COVID rules), it’s safe to expect that Sam married Eileen, the fellow hunter he’s been dating all through Supernatural’s last season.

By the time Dean Jr. hits his teenage years, Sam hasn’t aged a day, but the subsequent clip in the “Carry On” closing montage advances the timeline even further. A graying Sam, entire with cardigan and glasses (how else do we understand he is old?), shares an emotional reunion with the Impala, which has been saved in a garage at some point of the years. Finally, Old Man Sam passes away with his adult son via his bedside. The digicam lingers upon a tattoo on Dean Jr.’s arm, which confirms the lineage of hunters has persevered into the subsequent generation. It appears that Sam and Eileen persisted in hunting monsters, and raised their son into the family business. Through sheer coincidence, Dean Jr.’s remaining phrases to Sam and the very same traces Sam spoke to Dean until now in the episode, ushering him forth into the afterlife.
In Supernatural’s last scene, Sam and Dean Winchester reunite in Heaven. For Sam, decades have handed seeing that he laid eyes on his older brother, however, it’s not clear how time has stepped forward from Dean’s perspective. Bobby claimed that time worked in another way in Heaven, and Dean’s Impala drive is interlaced with the montage of Sam’s life, with the brothers meeting once more when Dean in the end parks up.


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 TV finales are inherently complex beasts, and it is clear that Supernatural’s ending falls nearer to Game of Thrones than Breaking Bad in the minds of fans. You can clearly question some of the innovative selections in “Carry On,” and even taking COVID-19 restrictions into account, the Supernatural season finale was unsatisfying in places. One component that cannot be questioned, however, is the chemistry between Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Supernatural’s leading duo have sustained the exhibit thru hard instances and less-than stimulated storylines, and their relationship has constantly been the beating coronary heart of the show. It’s possibly becoming that in a divisive finale, Sam and Dean Winchester journey to Supernatural’s rescue one remaining time in the remaining episode.

Supernatural’s Monster Lore Can Change The Rules

Sam and Dean would possibly be used to giving “the talk” to unsuspecting victims, but contrary to popular belief, monsters don’t truly exist. Despite being absolutely make-believe, depictions of paranormal entities in TV and movie have a tendency to share many features in common. The cultural “rules” for these monsters advance all through history, with every generation including fresh factors to what came before. The quintessential modern-day vampire, for example, takes the foundation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, whilst including characteristics from more recent fiction, such as An Interview With A Vampire and the Hammer horror movies.

Supernatural has spent 15 years exploring the worlds of vampires, werewolves, angels, and demons, mixing biblical lore with pop culture. During that time, Supernatural has crafted a clear vision in terms of how each species appears and behaves, introducing their cultures, moral alignments, strengths, and weaknesses. Angels are uptight, dispassionate servants, demons are scheming, gaseous business-types with black eyes, Lucifer is a wise-cracking joker with daddy issues, and vamps are animalistic, tribal creatures with retractable teeth and an Alpha as their leader. Some of these thoughts horror followers would’ve seen before, different elements are more special to Supernatural, however just as famous depictions of monsters all through history have added to the ordinary template, Supernatural’s reinventions ought to have an impact on the vampires, demons, and spirits of the future.

Lucifer is one of Supernatural’s biggest success stories. Mark Pellegrino’s overall performance is unnervingly casual, pretty human, and, at times, exceedingly whimsical – what The Joker might’ve been with superpowers and a successful stand-up comedy career. Pellegrino’s vision of Lucifer in Supernatural ought to redefine the character for subsequent generations, with impact arguably already showing in the likes of Lucifer, which additionally dabbles in a greater sympathetic version of Hell’s overlord. When Supernatural comes to an end, it wouldn’t be shocking if this type of Lucifer became extra commonplace in media, possibly alongside absentee Gods who do not care, and angels that act like dicks.

Other Supernatural-isms would possibly also be adopted into wider fantasy horror lore. For instance, Sam and Dean Winchester have used the strength of salt to protect them from translucent foes greater than any other ghostbusters in the latest memory. While this practice isn’t always different from Supernatural, fans definitely have not been able to seem to be at dinner condiments in the same way since. When Supernatural is no longer around, elements such as the “salt rule” may want to grow to be far greater generic within the genre.

Supernatural can be streamed on Amazon Prime Videos with an 8.4/10 IMDb and 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. If you haven’t watched it yet, you must. And for the fans, here’s a bonus for you: The track of the show- Carry On Wayward Son.

Stay tuned, stay safe, and keep supporting us.

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