Supernatural Future; Revival, Spinoffs, What Is Next? Know Everything

As the epic story of Dean and Sam Winchester finally comes to an end, the fans of the series are left with one question in their minds. And that is, what does the future have in its store for Supernatural beyond the fifteenth season?

After the very long-awaited finale of the series, what is next for the series? After almost 15 years of pouring salt in doorways, beheading vampires, and tense exchanges in the Impala, Dean and Sam Winchester embarked on their final hunt in the closing episode of the Supernatural titled Carry On.

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In the penultimate installment of the last week, the series took care of the narrative housekeeping. The world was restored, God was defeated by a jacked-up Jack, and they were finally set free after decades under the influence of the mighty pen of Chuck.

There was even time to murder a couple of archangels. This allowed the true finale of the series to focus on what is called the heart of the show, the Winchesters brothers themselves.

Supernatural Future; Revival, Spinoffs, What Is Next? Know Everything

Carry On, the last episode was named after the adopted rock anthem of Supernatural, and it delivers an emotionally charged finale for one of the most beloved sibling duos of television.

The past of them is honored in a nostalgic style, and the book of the Winchesters finally closes on a touching last chapter. Many of the viewers of the series, after they have finished crying through every Kleenec within a radius of 5 miles, will now be wondering what comes next after the finale of the series.

Well, Supernatural has made an attempt for a few offshoots over the years, first in the year 2014 with Bloodlines, and then again in the year 2018 with Wayward Sisters. The Bloodlines was centered on monsters, and it failed miserably, and the backdoor pilot is widely considered as the worst episode in the long history of the series.

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Also, we would like to tell you that Supernatural is the kind of show where resurrections and revivals are always on the list. There are numerous ways for the Winchesters brothers to make a comeback in the future, and there are numerous reasons for them to do so.

One of the easiest options would be to have Jack temporarily resurrect Dean to help Sam and nephew to defeat a particularly tricky villain.

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