Supernatural: THIS Character Made The Biggest Ever Sacrifice!

It is dangerous to both befriend and not to befriend Winchesters. In this article, we will be talking about the Supernatural characters who sacrificed themselves for the brothers. If you are a fan of the series, then you may be already aware that nearly every friend of the Winchester brothers tend to meet an untimely end in Supernatural.

Some of their friends and allies sacrificed themselves willingly to protect or help the Winchesters as well as to assist in the mission of the brothers. The brothers inspire loyalty, perhaps, because Dean and Sam would willingly help their friends and put themselves in harm’s way to do it. 

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This is something that the brothers have learned from another Winchester, their father, who sacrificed himself for his family. For Dean and Sam, their idea of family extends to their friends.

When Donna’s niece is taken in the thirteenth season of the show, the brothers go out of their way to help been though it did not initially seem like one of their cases. When the friend of their father asks for their help at the prison where he serves as a warden in the second season, the brothers get themselves imprisoned in order to help him.

Here is a list of the sacrifices made in Supernatural

  • Charlie – Charlie was like a sister to Sam and Dean, and she wanted to save Dean. Dean had the Mark of Cain and he was growing increasingly violent. She did find a way to save Dean with a special book and spell. However, this book belonged to one scary family that would do anything to get it back. So while she did figure out a way to translate it, that action was her last action since she was brutally killed soon after.
  • Ellen and Jo – Jo did die for the mission and the boys when she goes to save Dean from the hellhounds, which ultimately lead to her own injury with them.
Image Source – TV Insider
  • Bobby – He had sacrificed himself time and time ago for his boys; when Lucifer was in Sam, he died to stop him.
  • Pamela – Pamela loses her eyes by seeing Castiel in his heavenly for initially in helping the brothers.
  • Meg – While Meg was a foe when she first met Dean and Sam, the demon changes. She develops feelings for Castiel, and she develops a bond with the brothers. She becomes an ally.
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