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Supernatural: What The Star Cast Has To Say About The End Of The Show

There are only some shows that are so good that they stay on the air for an entire lifetime. Guiding Light, the CBS show, is one of them, and it aired for 57 years, before finally signing off in the year 2009. It was one of the longest-running shows in the history of America. Well, most of the time, shows merely run out of steam before they can even cut it close to the classics like “As The World Turns and General Hospital. Supernatural, the modern-day miracles of America, is finally on its way out after breaking the decade mark. While all the fans of the series are sad that the show is going, the stars of the show are positive that the time of the series is up.

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The series by Eric Kripke has been on air since the year 2005, and it follows two brothers Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester, who lost their mother to demonic forces when they were children. Their father took the helm, and installed everything in them, that they required to know to defend themselves from those demonic forces, that killed their mother. One day, their father disappears, and the addictive series follows the Winchester brothers as they go on the longest road trip of the world to find their father. On their way to find their dad, they take out every supernatural bad guy that crosses their path.

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Supernatural | What did the Star Cast say about the end of the show?

The primetime show was nominated for Emmy award, and it starred Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam. There are tons of cameo appearances in the show considering the nature of the show. Even Jeffrey Dean Morgan of The Walking Dead, has made an appearance in the show. He has played the role of John, the father of Sam and Dean, who has made an appearance in 14 episodes only. The badass father made his return to the 300th episode of the Supernatural, which was aired earlier this year.

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All the good things should come to an end, and it’s better that they come to an end with integrity instead of going out like a dumpster fire. The Winchester brothers went on to say that it definitely was not an easy decision to make, but the last thing anyone wanted was for the show just to fizzle out.

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