Superstore: America Ferrera Leaves The Show! What More Is To Come?

Actor America Ferrera is all set to say the final goodbye to her character of Amy at Superstore. In this article, we will be having a discussion on why America Ferrera is leaving Superstore. She is better known for her role in Superstore and is all set to say goodbye to her character, Amy. According to EW, NBC announced in the month of February that Ferrera would quit the show at the end of the fifth season.

America Ferrera
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America will be featuring in the sixth season of Superstore, returning to the NBC Sitcom for the two episodes. The fans and the viewers are very upset on hearing the news about her departure and are also demanding to know the reason why she is leaving Superstore. 

Superstore: America Ferrera Leaves The Show! What Is More To Come?

She played the role of the manager of the store and has been an executive producer of the show since the year 2015. She has edited the show to focus on the next chapter of her career and her family. The second episode of the sixth season will be focused on the last day of Ammy at Cloud 9.

According to Miler and Green, it will be fully giving her the send-off that she truly deserves. They also added that they wanted her storyline to end on an optimistic, positive, and hopeful note despite the chaos that is caused by the pandemic in both the show world and the real world.

All the fans and the viewers of the show are sure to miss America in Superstore.

Ben Feldman spent a total of five seasons of Superstore so far playing the role of Jonah as he developed from a reluctant Cloud 9 employee to someone in a very serious romantic relationship.

America Ferrera
Image Source – CNN

As it turns out, the Superstore showrunners Jonathan Green and Gabe Miller originally had a different vision for Jonah as far back as the finale of the first season, and the whole show would have changed. Neither the makers nor the actor has revealed his exit from the show.

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The makers revealed recently that one thing early on they had talked about was why someone like Jonah would stay at the store. “Was it just for Amy? Was there something else?” They also added that at one point, there was an idea that for the finale of season 1 that they would start at Cloud 9 corporate and wonder “why they are there.”

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