Sword Art Online: All Revealed And Hidden Mysteries So Far!

Sword Art Online is an exceptional anime. One can say for sure that there are only two types of anime fans in the world. One type is who likes this anime, and others who don’t. This anime is one of its kind as you cannot take a middle ground.

Anime’s success is massive. It has led to the inception of an entire franchise, made up of sequels, spinoffs, literature, video games, and films. This anime has a colossal influence on the anime culture. The franchise has a huge expanding universe. It’s hard to keep track of the series’ every detail.

Here everything you need to know about the anime’s top mysteries, both solved and unsolved.

Sword Art Online
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Sword Art Online: Solved Mysterious!

1) Everything about Alice’s Fate!

As we saw, as the series progressed, the Underworld disappeared. Everyone began to worry that with the Underworld gone, what would happen to Alice? The author knows that the character is very famous for the series and decided to keep her around. She has now turned into an advanced android. She is currently surviving as an Android in the real-life.

2) Alice and Kirito!

Kirito only loves one girl and she is Asuna. However, many other girls fall for him despite knowing this. Alice admitted that she loves Kirito and is also jealous of Asuna. Will she ever get to be with him? As of now, it seems like a no, but anything can happen!

3) Gabriel and Poh’s Deaths

Fans wanted both, Gabriel and Poh dead for a long time. Asuna battled Poh. After that, Yuuki’s ghost helped her and Kirito defeated him and turned him into a tree. Additionally, Kirito also defeated Gabriel and that did a tool on him.

Sword Art Online
Source: Crunchyroll

4) Yuuki and Eugeo Are Both Dead!

Fans loved Yuuki and Eugeo very much and never wanted them to die. Both the characters do appear later as ghosts in the anime. Unlike Eugeo, Yuuki was a human who died.

5) Kirito Wakes Up From Coma

Kirito waked up from his coma and saved the day. Eugeo’s ghosts and Kirito’s loved ones helped him rise up from the coma. He woke up because of this and joined the fight.

Sword Art Online: Unsolved Mysterious!

1) What Happened To Selka?

Selka is Alice’s younger sister. She appeared in the anime’s beginning and then nothing much was shown. After that, we saw her directly when Kirito was in a coma. After that, Selka said that she will freeze herself and wait for Alice to return after the war. So, we still don’t know what exactly happened to her and where she is?

2) Kayaba’s Return!

Kayaba’s return in robot form was mysterious and now one ever expected it. He killed thousands of players and disappeared. So, why is he now back in robot form? Is another evil mast plan underway?

3) The Third Dead Guy!

American soldiers reported that Gabriel and Poh are dead. However, everyone was expecting that three people should be dead and not two. We still don’t know what happened to the third body? Or what if the soldier is still alive?

Sword Art Online
Source: Crunhyroll

4) Were They Descendants Or Reincarnations?

In the anime’s last episode, we saw that the group, Kirito, Asuna, and Alice travels to the Underworld. There they cross path with Tiese and Royne. Ohh, wait! Not the real Tiese and Royne, but two characters who look exactly like them. So are two of their descendants or reincarnations?

5) What Happened During The 200 Years?

The anime skipped the part when Asuna and Kirito live during the 200 years. The light novel showed their lives, but the anime-viewers never got to know that. Fans still want to see how Kirito and Asuna became the rulers of the Underworld.

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We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!


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