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Sword Art Online: Do Eugeo And Alice Make A Perfect Couple?

Sword Art Online is one of the most loved and famous anime right now. Kirito and Asuna are the anime most famous couples. Of course, this is because they are the anime’s main focus. Kirito and Asuna found solace with their relationship after being trapped within the MMORPG.

This also resulted in over two million people’s deaths by Kayaba Akihiko’s hand. Fans would love to see more of Kirito and Asuna. Here’s everything you need to know about this couple.

Sword Art Online: Reasons Why Eugeo And Alice are not a great couple!

Firstly, their personalities do not match. Alice is shown as a responsible person, even as a little girl. On the other hand, Eugeo has always been humble and kindhearted and he always put others over himself.

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Alice is quite stubborn and strong as compared to Eugeo. While Eugeo has more warmth and niceness in his nature. Their personalities do not quite match as a result they will argue a lot.

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Secondly, we all know that Eugeo loves Alice. However, neither the anime nor the novel has shown any part to bolster this sentence. They have always shown in a light manner.

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Thirdly, Eugeo’s love for Alice is a bit one-sided and it’s not reciprocating. When he met Alice once again after a long time, she was not the same as before. His feelings for Alice were also put to the test when the Administrator played with his mind.

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Moreover, we never saw the duo interacting as profoundly as ‘childhood friends’ usually do.

Additionally, Eugeo is in love with Alice Zuberg, and not the current Alice, renamed Alice Synthesis 30. It is seen that Eugeo is interested in Alice’s past and not what she is now.

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Reasons Why they are a great couple!

Firstly, they are friends from childhood. They know each other very well and trust each other. Since they have known each other for most of their lives, they do not have secrets from each other.

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Secondly, they always spend time together and have always been with each other in every difficulty. Thirdly, the duo is loyal to each other and they trust each other no matter what. Loyalty is one of the important in any relationship and this is their relationship’s greatest attribute.

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Sword Art Online
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Moreover, Eugeo and Alice balance each other in a satisfying way. Alice’s sometimes thundered temperament and Eugeo’s laidback attitude makes a perfect fit.

Additionally, Eugeo and Alice Zuberg were each other’s first loves and first love never dies. They went to the other side together after death and this is the undeniable truth. Alice waited for Eugeo in the afterlife so they could rest in peace, together.

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!




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