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Sword Art Online: Progressive Remastered Spin-off Expectations; What’s Coming Up?

Sword Art Online: Progressive is getting an anime adaptation and fans are very excited about it. These are light novels and are highly popular. These novels cover and retell the original Aincard arc’s story. Reki Kawahara has authored the Progressive just like the original series.

The original series has six volumes and Yen Press has translated these volumes into English. The upcoming anime show’s new trailer shows Asuna in civilian clothes giving a short monologue. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming spin-off!

Sword Art Online: Progressive- What’s it all about?

Many SAO fans are still unfamiliar with Progressive and thinking about how it is different from the original series? Well, Progressive is much like the original SAO series but it is told in far greater detail.

Sword Art Online: Progressive
Source: Yen Press

The Progressive’s story and premise are the same as the original. 10,000 gamers are trapped inside the VR game SAO and Kirito is one of them. The catch is that if the players did in the game, they are also dead in real life.

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The series revolves around Kirito and Asuna‘s adventures in the Aincrad. Each adventure is entirely different from the last. Progressive also presents unique new challenges and compelling new characters never seen in the original anime.

Why is the Progressive version better?

Progressive advances at a slow pace and spend more time exploring each floor’s various areas. They explore castles, lakes, dungeons, and sand dunes to their entirety. Six novels are published so far, and many original arc’s characters are still not introduced.

Sword Art Online: Progressive
Source: Yen Press

The Aincrad arc’s Progressive version offers Kirito and Asuna’s relationship’s more evolved version. This is the reason why many fans prefer Progressive over the original series. The duo’s friendship develops much more gradually instead of falling in love over two novels or a few episodes.

Long-time SAO fans have well received the Progressive novels and they want more of it. The novels strike the balance between giving a more in-depth, floor-by-floor account. They also depict innovative new ideas and characters while remaining true to the original tale.

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Sword Art Online: Progressive
Source: Yen Press

The novels irons out some of the original series’ divisive parts. These include awkward pacing, Kirito’s aloofness, and many such topics.

If you are an SAO fan, then it highly recommended adding the upcoming Progressive anime to your watch list. Also, newcomers are going to enjoy it even more given the novel’s polished depiction of the original story.

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!

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